LED is popularly known as a light emitting diodide bulb. The light color is due to the semiconductor which makes up the LED. While the incandescent bulbs last for a short period of time, the LED bulb lasts long, about from 30,000 to 50,000 hrs. This longer lasting effect from the LED is what keeps people choosing the latter option, for there is less inconvenience in having to buy bulbs repetitively. The product’s noise is not loud. LED is effective in its little heat production. Therefore, this makes a cooler environment, unlike the other environments where the different kinds of bulbs make it harder to enjoy.  LED comes with many colors, not just white color.  Interestingly, this wonderful lighting focuses on a specific direction with its narrow beam. This fact is important, because LED can easily change the way light is spread.

ATI LED Powermodule

ATI LED Powermodule                                                              


     The key point comes from the fact that this product gives a unique touch to the overall product presentation. This means that without one going through the hassle of getting all the different parts together, ATI LED provides a combination of LED plus T5 fixture for convenience.     

     For the purposes of information about the controller, it is advised that the number 0 refers to 0 percent and the number 255 refers to 100 percent (R).  

     For the purposes of the T5 channel, there is a gamut that runs from 4 points to 10 points. The first is meant to be at 000, the middle is known at 001-255, and the last is meant to be at 000.  

     For the purposes of the LED channel and this is no different to the formula of the T5 channel, there is also a gamut that runs from 4 points to 10 points. The first is meant to be at 000, the middle is known at 001-255, and the last is meant to be at 000. Different points must have their different powers, accordingly. For color purposes, one color must not go over 255, since this is the max number.


     The ATI LED Powermodule comes with 98 percent aluminum reflectors. There is a cooling system and the electronic ballasts. The powermodule also comes with an acrylic shield. To add, there is a warranty of 1 year period. ATI LED does not solely have one category in terms of its level of gallons. In fact, it exists in multiple options. Check the following list:

 From first, ATI2601: 24″ 1x75W LED & 4x24W T5 (40-70),                                                                                                                                                                      ATI2603: 24″ 1x75W LED & 8x24W T5 (70-110),                                                                                                                                                                            ATI2605 : 36″ 2x75W LED & 4x39W T5 (80-120),                                                                                                                                                                        ATI2607: 36″ 2x75W LED & 8x39W T5 (120-180),                                                                                                                                                                      ATI2609 48″ 3x75W LED & 4x54W T5 (110-180),                                                                                                                                                                        ATI2611 48″ 3x75W LED & 8x54W T5 (160-260),                                                                                                                                                                      ATI2613: 60″ 4x75W LED & 4x80W T5 (160-250),                                                                                                                                                                              to last, ATI2615: 60″ 4x75W LED & 8x80W T5 (240-380).

Of course, the right size of light depends on how deep the aquarium is and how the creatures are present.


     The greatness of the product can be found in many different areas.Take T5 light. T5 makes sure to do the light balance. For aquariums that have freshwater, even growth is very essential for a healthy and productive life. Moreover, it has the capability of providing a variety of intensities for growth. For example, for plant to go through successful growth, intense light is needed and this is solved by our powermodule. Furthermore, there is a 24 hour regulation over light. This means that the system regulates the amount of brightness or darkness according to the outside world time frames. From a single 75 W, the many colors of white, blue, royal blue, and red are the four main areas where the light lowering ability from 0 to 100 percent can be utilized. Every single color has this light lowering ability with the percentage range mentioned. 

     The cooler helps with achieving an ideal temperature. This favorable condition makes the LED have a long lasting effect. ATI LED saves energy by 10 percent. Saving dollars is easy in changing light bulbs because there is not much changing activity needed. 

     The product is amazingly rust-resistant and comes with updated technology that the quality is phenomenal. In addition, it is amazingly waterproof and close-packed.There is no difficulty in set ups and plug ins.  The action that is so beneficial is when the powermodule locates wavelengths which can be taken in by plants-a process where controllers can assist. The semiconductor which contains solid emits, making it a better shock-repeller. Incandescent light bulbs have vacuums in contrast.

    The powermodule is non-toxic. Friendly in health and environmental matters, there is no mercury found in the powermodule. Because of LED’s great energy efficiency, little carbon dioxide (CO2) is present.