Cauliflower Disease:

Exactly how it sounds, this disease will begin to form cauliflower looking bumps or protrusions on the body and gills of the fish. This disease is sometimes paired with marine ich, which can completely devastate the fishes health. It is a virus that preys on stressed or injured fish, and can cross-contaminate to other fish in the tank. With all of that being said, this disease is more uncommon, yet still a real possibility if you overcrowd your aquarium.


  • Quarantine fish and use copper medication
    • Which is the only possibility in this scenario. The fish may never recover, no matter what you do. Just be patient and continue to look for any worsening symptoms. Treatment may take a month or longer for it to fully go away.
      • If it appears over the mouth or gills, and it is not getting better, then euthanizing the fish may unfortunately be the only option so that it doesn’t suffer.

Cauliflower Disease