Coral lovers, ocean protectors, and fashion enthusiast unite to welcome an exciting new line of clothing, home accents, and accessories from Colin Foord for the fahion platform PAOM or print all over me. After browsing the store site myself, I have to say the pieces are nothing less than exhilarating. From black and white neutrals to color combinations you wouldn’t imagine, Foord has taken some his greatest conservation work from Coral Morphologic and turned it into something accessible to the fashion world.


About PAOM

PAOM or print all over me is an online platform that promotes creative collaboration for anyone with a vision anywhere in the world. Roughly every three months or so, PAOM releases a series of different silhouettes ranging from t-shirts to backpacks that aspiring designers can use to upload their own artwork to and then create their own designs. It is up to the designer then to offer the design for sale. The site promises that every time someone purchases your unique design that you get back at least 20% of the sale itself.

Due to the custom nature of every piece at POAM, they first print the fabric and then cut and sew the garment or piece. This can slow down the process but POAM is a strongly believes that, “…by taking fashion slowly we can: a. offer high quality items; b. produce in an environmentally sustainable way; c. (and most importantly) offer our studio employees a living wage and health benefits.” The team they speak of is based in a studio in New York City’s Greenwich Village and the main production studio is just outside of Shanghai in China. In addition to their main hubs, they also have a satellite studio just outside of Savannah, Georgia.


About Coral Morphologic

Before Coral Morphologic was a clothing line for POAM, it began as one of the most innovative underwater media chronicles of the downfall of the world’s coral reefs ecosystems. The movement began in 2007 and was co-founded by marine biologist, coral aqua culturist, artist, photographer, and filmmaker Colin Foord. The goal of the project has always been to promote a diverse platform for the advancement of symbiosis between humans and coral. The work is heavily rooted in the present city of Miami. Miami was built from mostly limestone and really is recycled from thousands and thousands of years of local reef building. Foord really focuses on the mission of Coral Morphologic which is create a bridge between art and science in such a way that a wide variety of people can understand, appreciate, and be inspired to consider ocean conservation in their everyday lives. If you have not looked up the video Foord and his co-founder Jared McKay produced, I highly recommend a youtube search!

The artwork used in the media Coral Morphologic is the same media that Foord uses in his new fashion line. The artwork was crafted with a scientific mission in mind in order to document aquaculture, and protect Miami’s coral. According to marine surveys of Miami’s heavily used waterways, they have found four novel species of soft coral, what is believed to be a powerful anti­cancer compound, and a rare hybrid staghorn. Coral Morphologic recognizes the importance of coral conservation and proposes that the coral that is surviving in the seawalls of Miami, could give scientists the answers to understanding how reef organisms not only in Miami but around the world could change with modern human existence.

The Fashion Line

Here are some of my favorites from the line!

RICORDEA 2 BACKPACK- Price: $65.00


MAN O WAR 1 KIDS’ TSHIRT- Price: $38










To shop the whole collection click here.


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