Feeding the Tank from the Tunze Wavebox

The revolution is here!  Well sort of.  When you first read the title, you might have thought that we misspelled T5, but we didn’t.   Earlier this year, we heard about a new tank lighting source that was coming out, one that would enable you to retrofit those old T5 fixtures you have sitting in your garage with a bulb that is actually made up of many small LED’s tuned to colors our reef creatures are already used to.   Colors like “Blue Plus”  and “Aqua Blue Special” that will cost about 2.5x what a normal T5 bulb costs, but last up to say 8 years.  Do we have your attention?  Let’s take a dive into what E5 can do for your coral reef tank shall we?

A tank with E5 LED lighting

One of the first things people notice about coral, whether you are a professional SCUBA diver or an amateur aquarist, is their bright, vivid color. A main goal that all aquarists have in common, especially if they grow or breed fish and coral polyps, is to make their aquariums pop with neon pinks and blues while making others pop green with envy. A German company, ATI, has developed and created a special, flourescent-based lamp, the T5HO, that is the front man in coral aquarium lighting. However, the company Euroquatics has developed an LED lamp, the E5, that lasts longer, saves power and is much cheaper than standard, flourescent lighting for coral aquariums.

How Does E5 Lighting work?

E5 Retro LED lamps

E5 Retro LED lamps

All coral share a special relationship, called a symbiosis, with algae that live on the coral. The algae absorb sunlight and use the process of photosynthesis to make food which they share with the coral polyps. Since marine aquarists put coral in an artificial environment where the sun is not readily available to provide food, an alternative lighting source must be found to keep the corals happy and healthy. This is where the E5 lamp comes in.

If you already own a T5HO lighting fixture for your aquarium, you are in for a wonderful surprise! All of the E5 lamps designed by Euroquatics fit the T5HO fixtures and don’t need to be completely replaced! In addition, the E5 lamp series comes in all the sizes and colors that can be used for T5HO lamps . Therefore, whether you simply have marine fish on display in your living room or raise coral to sell to other aquatic enthusiasts, the E5 lamp series has what you need.

Here are the many benefits of owning an E5 LED Lamp:

-Unlike the T5 bulbs, E5 lamps do not contain hazardous materials like mercury

Energy Saving and lower power consumption

-You receive a great 3-year warranty (T5 bulbs only have a one to three month warranty)

-Ability to fit various T5 bulb sizes (2′, 3′, 4′ and 5′ sizes available)

-Available in tropical and marine colors

-100% recyclable!

-Cheaper! (costs twice as less as a T5 bulb)

Comparison of T5 bulbs to E5 LED Lamps

Comparison of T5 bulbs to E5 LED Lamps

The E5 Lamp series Already has the following lamp options available for purchase depending on your aquarium lighting needs:

-Warm Daylight


-Cool Daylight

-Blue Pop (about 450 nm spectrum)

-Blue Daylight and Marine Pink are in development and will be coming soon!

Available colors for the E5 lamp series

Available colors for the E5 lamp series

The E5 Blue Pop is especially beneficial for keeping various species of corals. With a wavelength spectrum of 450-460 nm, this lamp provides a light spectrum that will provide your corals with the photosynthetic properties they need in order to stay well-fed and happy.

Interested in replacing those old T5 bulbs with the new, revolutionary E5 LED lamps? Dive into the internet and swim to www.euroquatics.com for more information!

If you are brand new to the hobby of raising and keeping marine fish and corals, here is a link to a fantastic article about the basics of lighting and lighting maintenance for marine animals:


In addition, Reef Nation will be starting a “Conscience Aquarist” program that will guide beginners and professionals alike in the how-to’s and steps for proper aquarium maintenance, husbandry and care for corals and other marine animals for happier and healthier marine life. Be sure to check the main page of our website, www.reefnation.com, or our Reef Nation Facebook page for more information and updates.

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