EcoTech Marine’s Ecosmart Live has changed the game. Owning an aquarium can be a lot of work. From pumps to LED lights, even simple changes can be complex. Before, you spent an incredible amount of time creating your own little marine paradise for your fish. You filled your tank with coral and made a reef that looks like a miniature Great Barrier Reef. However, once the tank was perfect, the maintenance began. Every single change was a manual process. Not anymore, Ecosmart Live is yet another triumph by EcoTech Marine. 

With Ecosmart Live, you can now control your aquarium equipment from anywhere with just a few simple steps.

Ecotech Marine: Revolutionizing Aquariums

EcoTech Marine has been around for over two decades and has completely changed the way people interact with their aquariums. So, it isn’t surprising the Ecosmart Live is such an exciting tool for your marine tank. The company, which sells its products worldwide both online and at retail locations, has worked diligently to raise the bar on aquarium technology. From Ecosmart Live to their high-quality Radion LED lights and their incredible Vortech pumps, the company has revolutionized the industry.

The company says that they “work tirelessly to improve upon ‘state-of-the-art,’ enabling our customers to create the healthiest, safest and smarted aquarium possible.” And they are not lying, the Ecosmart Live is just another proof of their dedication. 

Ecosmart Live: Control Your Aquarium From Anywhere

ecosmart live screen shot of reef control app

Ecosmart Live promotional image via Ecotech Marine

The best way to maintain a marine connection to your at-home reef aquarium is with Ecosmart Live. This is a web-based command center for your aquarium developed by EcoTech. With this Ecosmart Live system, you can control your Radion LED lights and Vortech propeller pumps from where ever you may be. For instance, if you decide that you would like to take a vacation, all you need is an internet connection and web browser to take care of your tank.

Not only can you take your aquarium with you with Ecosmart Live, you can customize your aquarium lights with it. For those of us who have no idea what we want, the Ecosmart Live system does come with preset Radion light modes. This allows us to choose from that list and go. However, if you want to dive into it a little deeper and create your own masterpiece, the Ecosmart Live does that that as well. Ecosmart Live allows you to change the intensity of the lights during the day, the lunar phases at night and control each colored light individually.

promotional Ecosmart live screenshot of reef control app

Promotional Image via Ecotech Marine

In addition to the light settings, you can also control your Vortech propeller pump settings. For example, if you want the propellers to maintain a constant speed, transport nutrients, emit a short pulse or tidal swell, you can choose when and how long those occur.

ecosmart live

Promotional Image via Ecotech Marine

In order to transform your aquarium experience, you only need a few things which I will explain below.

Ecotech Radion: the LED aquarium light for you

ecosmart live

Promotional Image by Echotech Marine

In order to customize the lights inside of your aquarium, you will need lights. Ecotech Radion LED lights are the best aquarium lights and work with the Ecosmart Live system. According to Ecotech, the radion LED lights include the “most sophisticated lens design” available on the market, according to the manufacture. This design is the Hemispherical Edge Illumination (HEI) lens.

The HEI lens offers superb lighting without destroying the power and efficiency of LED lights. In addition to the color mixing lights, the Generation 4 (G4) Radion LED light heat sink provides excellent heat dispersion. This reduces the need to actively cool the aquarium.

The Radion lights also provide more usable light area in your aquarium. This promotes coral growth inside of your tank thanks to the wider spread lens of the G4 lens. The wider spread is something reef hobbyists have been waiting for, for years. Eliminating hotspots of lights has helped prevent coral bleaching and made reefers incredibly happy.

Watch the following video to see the lights in action:

Vortech pumps: the best pump for reef tanks

Once you buy the EcoTech Radion LEDs for your aquarium, you will need a pump to control the flow of the tank. That is where VorTech pumps come in.

It is vitally important that you have sufficient water movement in your aquarium if you want your coral to thrive. The flow of water in your aquarium aids in the food intake, elimination of waste and the coral’s respiration. It also prevents debris to build up in the tank. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. An ocean, where coral grows, is not stagnant, the tide is constantly changing. You want to mimic coral’s natural environment as closely as possible which means you need a good pump. VorTech is that pump.

One of the terrific features of the pump is that it’s magnetic. This eliminates ugly wires, the risk of electrical discharge that will harm your marine life and does not add any unwanted heat to the water column. The best part, however, is how easy it is to install and clean.

The VorTech pump has a variety of modes that you can program with your EcoSmart Live system:

  • Reef crest mode: simulates a reef environment with the pump changing speed and simulating crashing waves.
  • Lagoon mode: simulates a gentle lagoon.
  • Nutrient transport mode: this is a two-phase mode. The first uses a wave motion to stir up the debris and waste in the tank. The second pushes the waste and debris into the overflow and out of the aquarium.
  • Feed mode: pauses whatever mode is currently running so that you can add food to the tank without it being pushed into the overflow and removed from the aquarium.

Those are just a handful of the modes offered. Your aquarium will definitely thrive with this pump. Especially in concert with the Ecosmart Live app. 

Control your reef, app available for download

Ecosmart live

Promotional Image via EcoTech Marine

Finally, the last thing you will want to buy for your Ecosmart Live experience is ReefLink. While it is not required, ReefLink makes everything about the Ecosmart Live even easier. This operates as a bridge between your WIFI connection and EcoTech live equipment. All you have to do is set it in range of a WiFi router. With zero wires, ReefLink provides a continuous real-time connection to your aquarium via Eco Smart Live’s or the EcoSmart Live app. This allows you to control your Ecosmart Live system with your phone, tablet or computer.

Watch this video to see how ReefLink works:

Get eco smart with Ecotech Marine

That’s it. With this equipment and the Ecosmart Live, you have all you need to control your aquarium from anywhere in the world. Now you can go on vacation and never have to worry whether or not your pumps are working correctly or your coral is getting enough light.

Not only will you be able to control your aquarium from where ever you may be, but the EcoSmart Live system will help your underwater world thrive. Your coral will grow beautifully and your fish will be comfortable. That alone makes the Ecosmart Live a truly intelligent purchase.

We definitely recommend you join the reef enthusiasts with the Ecosmart Live system. You won’t regret it.


Featured image: CC by A-SA 3.0 Unported, by Tappinen, via Wikimedia Commons