It is no doubt that there is a high level of anticipation and excitement surrounding the theater release of Finding Dory this Friday, June 17, 2016.  The long awaited sequel to Pixar’s 2003 smash hit, Finding Nemo, is without a doubt going to make a big splash for kids and adults of all ages this summer.  If you haven’t already, check out the preview below!

Now you may be thinking, how can the release of a shoe-in family classic over summer vacation get any sweeter? The answer is a chance to win a free tropical getaway to the Great Barrier Reef! Thanks to Airbnb, through their “Night At” series, applicants can register for a chance to win a once in a lifetime trip. Previous contests included historic nights at Ellis Island and inspiring trips to shark aquarium in Paris. This latest contest is in the honor of Dory herself and will put the winners up for a night at sea; read more details and about how to enter below.

Lend a Helping Hand to the Great Barrier Reef

Trip Details

The latest giveaway will send the winners to Australia for an unforgettable sleepover on the Great Barrier Reef itself! Airbnb and Pixar have partnered to award fans with the chance to win the trip of a lifetime.

The winners will stay in an innovative, floating home on the Great Barrier Reef, which as any Finding Dory fan knows, is the setting for the new movie.  The lucky winner will also be able to bring three guests along for the ride and share their incredible journey. The package includes:

  • Round-trip airfare to Cairns Australia
  • Airbnb accommodations in Cairns July 12th-14th
  • A guided snorkel tour with a marine biologist
  • A chance to scuba dive (provided all guests are over 12 and pass the diving instructors qualifications)
  • Lunch on a coral sand island
  • Transportation to and from Normanby Island. This is the launching point for the incredible one night stay on the Great Barrier Reef!

The highlight of the giveaway is a single night stay in the floating house on the Great Barrier Reef. On the evening of July 13th, the winner and their guests will stay in a floating home above the world’s largest coral reef. Here they will be able to find 600 different types of soft and hard coral, about 100 species of jelly fish, over 2,000 species of mollusks, around 500 species of worms, 1625 species of fish, 133 different varieties of sharks and rays, and more than 30 species of whales and dolphin. Talk about a hot spot for diversity!

The floating home its self boasts a beach chic style. It has an open air deck area that acts as a living space which then connects to the master or main bedroom which features a full size bed. Below the main floor there is a set of bunk beds completely decked out in Finding Nemo themed bedding. There are absolutely no walls or Wi-Fi on board. The home its self is nestled in one of the seven natural wonders of the world and is buzzing with some of the most extraordinary organisms on the planet.  The accommodations beg of you to put your cell phones and Netflix aside for the night to enjoy a night with nature.

In addition to the feature night on the Great Barrier Reef guests will also get the chance to explore the natural wonder. A modern day Huck Finn, Pascal Dalter, will lead the winner and their guests through a snorkel expedition and dive of the area while a marine biologist will take the group through another area with a series of private coral gardens. Once the winners have dried off and made their way back to land, a famous Australian chef, Neil Perry, will provide a five star lunch using locally sourced North Queensland produce.

 How to Enter

To enter, sign into your Airbnb account (or create one if you’re not already a member, it is easy!)  Then, visit this page and write up to 500 characters about why you and three guests deserve to win by 11:59pm Australian EST on June 30, 2016. The winner will be selected July 4, so stay tuned!

Lend a Helping Hand to the Great Barrier Reef

Airbnb hopes to not only highlight the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef and all the life it supports but also to inspire conservation of one of the seven natural wonders of the world. It is no secret that thanks to climate change, illegal fishing, and pollution that not only coral species but the ocean as a whole needs our help.

To prove Airbnb’s commitment to conservation of the Great Barrier Reef and the ocean alike, they have promised to plant mangrove, salt marsh, and wetland plants for every guest that visits the area in 2016.

Their dedication to project is extremely evident in their promise. Airbnb Australian manager Sam McDonagh said it best when he stated, “The opportunity to live at one of the most spectacular places on earth, even if just for a night, is not just about experiencing the unrivaled beauty of the location. It’s about understanding how humans can better help and support this special environment.”


Make sure to enter for a chance to win the trip of a lifetime and check out Finding Dory, in theaters Friday!



photos courtesy of Airbnb