Are you interested in Scuba Diving Tours? Do you have dreams of exploring some of the largest coral reefs up close? This article might be suitable for you. There are so many gorgeous coral reefs in the waters that offer wonderful sights. Great advantages come with these adventures, such as tours and escapades. Keep reading for information on some of the best coral reef tours in the world.

1.       Great Barrier Reef Adventure: The largest coral reef system in the world, The Great Barrier Reef, located in Australia, offers this unique and adventurous tour. Cruise across the seas in a high speed catamaran that takes you to multi-level pontoons. This tour allows you to view the coral gardens and marine life that exist on the outer reef. On the Pontoon, you will find seating, a lunch buffet, a sundeck, and other convenient utilities for your tour.

2.       Grand Cayman Coral Reef Snorkel and Stingray City Combo Excursion: Explore the waters of the Cayman Islands up close with this snorkeling experience. Being the second largest Coral Barrier Reef in the world, the Cayman Islands have a lot to offer. The tour also takes passengers to Sting Ray City, a famous region where you can interact with stingrays. With super clear water, brightly colored and unique fish, and interesting coral formations, The Grand Cayman Coral Reef is a sight to see for the coral-reef fan.

3.       Reefs and Rays, the Grand Turk: This excursion offers the great opportunity of snorkeling the gorgeous coral reef off Grand Turk while also getting to see the stingrays while they play in the waters. The beloved turquoise color of the Grand Turk’s water attracts tourists from all over the world to capture its beauty.  Also, don’t miss its bright tropical fish. Be greeted by stingrays as you enter the water and stroke their soft bellies.

4.       Coral Breeze Belize Tours: With a thriving ecosystem and a fascinating history, Belize offers one-of-a-kind Coral Reef Tours. The tours include unique quirks, such as cave tubing and viewing the Altun Ha Maya Ruins. Head out on a boat and attend exiting escapades, such as snorkeling, saying hello to friendly stingrays, and up-close sights of the waters ecology.

5.       Fury Water Adventures Reef Snorkeling in Key West: With abundant coral reefs that are full of colorful, tropical fish, sponges, snails, sea turtles, and other sea creatures just about 7 miles off shore, Key West is a great place to explore for the coral-reef adventurer. Spot the reefs 110 species of coral on this snorkeling escapade.

6.       Bermuda Triangle Night Glass Bottom Boat Cruise: This night time cruise glides right over the Bermuda Triangle. Watch the ocean floor glisten with light as you spot groups of coral and fish through this glass bottom boat in the bizarre and fascinating location of the Bermuda Triangle. A great place to view coral reefs, this cruise makes it easy for anyone to spot marine life due to the boats advantages.

7.       Grand Bahamas Reef Tours: The Grand Bahamas offers unique tours, such as Deep Sea Fishing, Glass Bottom Boat Tours, Bottom Reef Fishing Tours, Sail and Snorkel Tours, Snorkel Adventure Tours, and even Wine & Cheese Evening Sails. Explore a variety of marine life and the Coral Reefs of the Grand Bahamas in any way you choose to. The clear blue waters and colorful fish make these trips especially exiting.

8.       Bahamas Snorkeling Tours: Flooding with beauty and colors, Marine Life in the Bahamas is perfect for the sight-seer. Join one of the snorkeling adventures that the Bahamas offers. There are specifically some gorgeous and famous snorkeling sites around Grand Bahama Island, such as Deadman’s Reef, Paradise Cove, and Old Bahama Bay. Snorkeling trails are very clear at these sites. A famous region for snorkeling, the Bahamas is a great place to spot some epic reefs!


Whether you decide to head to the Bahamas, a region full of diverse and beautiful coral with crystal clear waters to view it, spot both stingrays and reefs at Grand Cayman, or visit largest Coral reef in the world in Australia, there are many offers in the world for viewing the phenomenon of coral reefs. Scuba Divers and researchers all head to these known locations for the best finds. Travelers, snorkelers, and under water photographers also love these spots for the best views and beautiful sites of the reefs. These are just a few of the best locations to look at the world’s vast coral reefs.  The next time you decide you would like to take a vacation to see the Reefs, keep this list in mind. The regions are not only full of coral and beauty, but fun and adventure.

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