Shark Frenzy in Florida Waters!

Photo Credit: Man-Films-Shark-Feeding-Frenzy-860x450_c

Photo Credit: Man-Films-Shark-Feeding-Frenzy-860x450_c

Last month a very terrifying experience happened to a family in Florida. A family enjoying a day at the beach in Panama city got a video of what could be used for a B Horror movie, a live shark frenzy of at least 50-60 sharks feeding! The frightening fact for this family was that their 4 children were out on a raft while this was happening below them. Thankfully they all made it to shore okay and one of the boys said it was scary but cool seeing them up close like that, not in an aquarium or a movie setting.

These sharks, which are guessed to be either black tip or spinner sharks, as the video is not clear enough to identify them for certain. They were after a school of mullet, from the looks of the video. Frank Schwartz, a shark biologist was quoted saying this about the sharks feeding behavior,“The sharks keep circling the fish, driving them toward the middle, They can run them right up on the beach. They can do this for quite a while before they’re full.” George Burgess, a man that studies sharks at the Florida Museum of National History, was quoted saying this in regards to the incident. “The sharks don’t communicate with each other to coordinate the attack, Each one is an independent operator, but the mullet run is easy pickens for them, it’s like Thanksgiving dinner.”

This definitely is not something that happens often, as I am a native Floridian and have never witnessed one of these events, not sure I want to.. Just to be clear. I find it amazing and love watching the video but would not want to be there to see this in person. Sharks are very dangerous and can also beach themselves in these dangerous frenzies. There are a few videos out there where you can see some people pushing them back into the water when they beach themselves. I am not sure I would feel safe doing this. Great that there are people who do.

Back in 2013 however, a similar event happened in this same area of Florida coast with a larger group of sharks. It was estimated that at that time there were around 15,000 sharks in the midst of a shark frenzy feeding. This is definitely not where I would have wanted to be! There have been quite a few reportings of these events in Florida this year and as a safety warning, I hope you all know to get out of the water if you see a shark. It is not safe to swim with them unless you are on one of those tours and even then it is still dangerous.

This event happened on the 23rd of November and is definitely not one that will soon be forgotten by this family or any of us!



Here is a link to watch the video if you would like to see this incredible event for yourselves. It is definitely worth your time to watch it.