Known to have one of the highest endemic rates in the world, the Seychelles is a great location to spot endemic species, consisting of 30 endemic reptiles and amphibians and 12 birds. A country in the Indian Ocean consisting of 115 islands, the Seychelles have plenty of room for their vast array of wildlife. Another interesting addition to the wildlife family of the Seychelles includes the world’s largest population of giant tortoises that are found on Aldabra Atoll, the world’s 2nd largest atoll that sits on the outer islands of the Seychelles. Many people visit the islands to view the large tortoises. With interesting wildlife views, the Seychelles are great for exploring. Keep reading for information on common animals found on the island!

Giant Tortoises:

Scientifically known as Aldabrachelys, these famous and friendly slow-walking species populate an array of islands in the Seychelles. They are sometimes found in large herds roaming around the areas. Common Species of these tortoises found on the islands are Arnolds Giant Tortoise, and Seychelles Giant Tortoise.



The Seychelles are known to be home to some of the largest seabird species in the world. These birds can be specifically found on the islands of Bird, Aride Island, Cousin, Aldabra, and Cosmoledo. Common species include the Sooty Tern, the Fairy Tern, Noddies, White-tailed Tropic Bird, and Frigatebirds.



The Seychelles are known for their wide range of Bird Species. The area is home to 250 different bird species, and is a known location for bird-watchers. 12 of those species are endemic species. Some examples of birds that can be spotted in the area include the Scops Owl, the Sunbird, and the Blue Pigeon. Aride is the best island of the Seychelles for bird-watching. The island hosts a vast array of unique birds, amounting to a vastly larger bird population than any other island of the Seychelles. Bird-Island, if you cannot already tell, is another island in the Seychelles known for its large bird population. Its known for its great amount of Sooty terns and Fairy terns. Visitors typically flock to Bird Island to watch bird nesting. Finally, Cousin Island is another great bird-watching spot in the area. It is a nature preserve that contains seven seabird species.


One can find more than 100 species of fish in the Seychelles. They are commonly found frolicking around the coral reefs, with their diverse and colorful scales showing. Some specific fish you might find in the location include Angelfish, Parrotfish, Pufferfish, and even the Whale Shark, the biggest fish in the world! These unique fish species bring in scuba divers from all across the world to the area.



A fascinating critter that one might find roaming around on the islands is the Gecko, known for their large eyes and bright skin. Skinks are another rare species one might find in the area.


Manta Rays:

Swimming among the diverse and beautiful corals of the Seychelles’ waters exists the unique and famous Manta Rays. They are often spotted by boaters gliding across the light blue ocean.


Along with Manta Rays, another unique type of fish can be found in the Seychelles. Boaters are often reported to have occasional spotted Hammerhead sharks in the area!


The Seychelles are home to 12 different types of amphibians that are all endemic. Many of them are Sooglossid frogs, discovered in two mountains on the islands of the Seychelles, Silhouette and Mahe. They are thought of to be the smallest frogs in the world!


2000 different species of plants can be found on the islands of the Seychelles. Some trees one might find on the islands are mohagony, the umbrella tree, and rosewood. Mangoes are also typical in the area. Coco de Mer, a type of palm tree known for having the largest nut in the world, is found on the islands. The Jellyfish tree is also found in the area, a rare tree that looks like a jellyfish. Finally, orchids are common in the Seychelles. The rare and fragrant vanilla orchid are a specifically common orchid-type.

With a variety of unique plants, an array of interesting fish, a swamp of large and quirky tortoises, and an abundance of birds and seabirds, the Seychelles is full of beautiful creatures. Researchers and explorers are known to flock to the area to find these species. Some of the species are so rare that they are endemic to the location. Photographers also take lovely wildlife pictures on the islands. Not only are the islands known for these incredible animals, but also for their diverse coral reefs and gorgeous blue waters. A paradise for scuba divers, the Seychelles are an array of islands full of fascination. Don’t forget to keep these animals in mind the next time you plan on visiting the islands and spotting some wildlife.