President Obama has finally banned microbeads, which harm are oceans

First, for those of you that don’t know, I am going to explain microbeads. You remember those little bitty balls that are in a lot of products? Those are microbeads. Microbeads are known as plastic pellets as well, why? Because they are actually made of plastic. These are found in personal care and some household cleaning products. They are 100% plastic so there is no break down to them.

Lets pause for a moment. That means we have been putting plastic into our bodies. That’s not really safe. Second, a lot of it goes down into the drain. Where does that lead to? Yep, the ocean. They are so small they bypass filters, and travel into the ocean. At that point they are eaten by fish.

So, just what is so bad about these that it is causing such a stir? These are not biodegradable products. That means they do not ever break down. That is how plastic works. This is adding to our ever growing list of litter we place in the marine water.  You can wash with these beads, but the beads will go down the drain and wind up in the ocean.

Microbeads Photo Credit:

In this Wednesday, May 19, 2010 photo, a blue rectangular piece of microplastic is visible on the finger of Julie Masura, a researcher with the University of Washington-Tacoma environmental science program, as Masura examines debris from a collection filter that was pulled through the Thea Foss Waterway, in Tacoma, Wash. Masura and other scientists are developing methods to measure the level of microplastics — tiny plastic particles no larger than a ladybug — in seawater and sediments by sampling the waters of Puget Sound. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

We are still waiting on more research to be conducted to show the scale of damage that this has done to marine life.  It is fish are ingesting these. What it does to their bodies is unknown.

There is good news.  Thankfully, last week, President Obama signed a bill banning these products in America. Australia’s also getting rid of the products by removing them from popular markets.

The next important bit of information is, you can help. There are a ton of products that have the same effect as microbeads. So they are not necessary to have beautiful skin. All natural treatments like sea salt, ground nut shells and oatmeal are great options to switch to.

Let’s end the use of microbeads, here and now.