You could be singing  “just keep swimming” with Dory from Finding Dory!

Finding Dory! While you may not be able to own the talkative and loved character from the movie, you may now have a chance to own the species of fish in your home! You’ve heard the kids scream Finding Dory! If you are wondering what this is about, Dory is a lovable character voiced by the hilarious actress, Ellen Degeneres, who made this character so popular that she got her own movie.  The movie is Finding Dory and is a huge hit. I know my family adored the movie and plan to watch it again. The movie focuses on Dory who wants to find her family. It is a great family movie, and now you may be able to have a little Dory of your own in your house. 

finding dory baby dory

How is this Possible?

The University of Florida Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory which is located in Ruskin, managed to raise a pacific blue tang. The researchers there have been working hard to discover a way to make this a possibility for some time now. Dory’s breed is the pacific blue tang, and it is a breakthrough discovery for this to be possible. Disney’s movie has made a lot of kids beg their parents for a Dory of their own.

Now, after working with the SeaWorld-Busch Gardens Conservation fund and the Rising Tide Conservation; They have discovered a way to breed the fish successfully. This is a difficult process, and has taken a great deal of time and effort but it has been worth it. This was a statement that was made by the director of UF Tropical Aquaculture, this is a part of the UF Institute of Food and Agriculture Sciences.


When Did this Start?

It all started around 6 years ago, Watson had a woman by the name of Judy Leger approach him. The goal they had decided on was to produce and develop the technology needed to help certain marine species, the pacific blue tang being one of them. They then began to focus on this goal and try to bring a team together that will help the fish to be able to survive longer than a week. They grew the team and with the help of Seaworld and Busch Gardens as well as the overall industry for pets, this all would be impossible to achieve. That was what Ms. Leger stated. The researchers were the few that were showing a commitment to growing and bettering the overall culture of the harder to obtain fish.

This happened because they took a freshly hatched pacific blue tang, that was barely longer than a millimeter. The fish at this point are see-through and barely have any of its features. They fish do not have any mouth or eyes, and survived for 3 days, during that time, the fish larvae were taking in the yolk.

So, What happened?

Well, in those days, they began to develop. They started with their eyes, and the mouth. It has to be just right, though if the yolk is not right, it won’t allow the fish to develop. That is what Watson explained when he spoke of the discovery. He also mentioned that the water had to be just so as well. The temperature has to be just so, or the fish will die in just a few hours. When day four rolled around, the survival rate was high, reaching 80%. The highest achievement was the fish living past 21 days.

I recently was writing on the yellow tangs that are being successfully bred in Hawaii; The present team sent out one of their researchers out to meet with their team. They wanted more details on how they achieved the incredible success.

The researcher, Barden, came back from Hawaii to UF and discussed what he had learned, hoping that he and his team could replicate the results of the yellow tangs.  They have a total of 26 babies. “Dory” pacific blue tangs that had lived for a total of  52 days at this point. They were inside a greenhouse that was in Ruskin, Florida. They had finally accomplished creation a blue and black color inside a thriving tank.  

So what is next?

They will need to help the industry to learn what it is that they need to do. This is a great achievement. We will soon see these beautiful fish swimming about, not only in our oceans but now also in our homes. Interested in getting one of these in the future? Then be sure to educate yourself. Mostly on the care and maintenance they will require. They will most likely be a fish that requires high maintenance and you will need to be sure you know what you are doing. Finally we can watch a live Finding Dory!

blue tang