SR Aquaristik Speed Test





Have you ever been in the middle of doing your water tests and wondered if you had all the little crystals at the bottom dissolved or not?  Have you ever swirled your calcium or magnesium test sample with one hand only to drip your reagent outside the cuvette on the floor?  If any of this sounds familiar, don’t worry, its ok, we have been there too and now there is a gadget that can make water testing a whole lot easier.

The Speed Test from SR Aquaristik is another innovative product from Scott Rhodes that takes a stab at automating one of the menial tasks we do in the reefkeeping hobby by adding some technology and innovation to it.  Think of the magnetic stirrer you used in 11th grade chemistry meets our daily/weekly regimen of running water tests on our aquariums and you pretty much have the Speed Test.

What is the Speed Test?

The goal of the Speed Test is to eliminate the need to shake, stir, or swirl any of your samples as you go about doing your tank water testing.  It is made up of a base with an on/off switch that holds the cuvette, the cuvette itself, and then the small magnetic stirring bar that will mix your sample.  You are able to control the speed of the stir bar with a simple knob control that moves from an off position all the way through to a fast spin.  There is a replaceable 9v battery that goes in the bottom of the Speed Test which can easily be removed through the battery cover that slides off.

How does the Speed Test work?

The SR Aquaristik Speed Test portable magnetic stirrer is ideal for use with most standard titration-style test kits like Salifert, Seachem, and Red Sea. If you are currently using test kits that need to be swirled or mixed you can use the SR Aquaristik speed test to save you some major tie and hassle. The variable speed control allows for faster, more accurate testing of fresh or salt water aquarium water parameters. To achieve this, the speed test relies on a small magnetic stir bar at the bottom of a sample.

SR Aquaristik Speed Test

One of the things we loved right after we unboxed the speed test was that we could use it with both our normal sized Red Sea cuvettes as well as with the more narrow nitrate and phosphate cuvettes that Red Sea provides.  At ReefNation, we test our alk every day and the rest of our water parameters each Saturday morning, so having a way to use multiple cuvettes as we go through our testing speeds things up in a major way.

We found that the Speed Test was a big help with tests that have you add multiple scoops of reagent such as Red Sea’s Nitrate, Magnesium, Potassium, and Calcium tests.  We also use Salifert’s Strontium test which takes about 20 minutes to perform, so having the Speed Test handy when you are adding multiple scoops of coarse reagent makes mixing it up a breeze!

Do we recommend picking one up?

Overall, we think this reefkeeping accessory will be a good fit for new and old reefers alike.  The ease of use and ability to control the mixing speed of your sample makes this tool something we have integrated into our weekly water testing regimen. You can clean both the cuvette and the magnetic like normal under RO water before using it on your next test as well.

If you would like to get your hands on one of these handy little reef gadgets, you can order them from our store here.  The first 10 orders will also get an EAT SLEEP REEF REPEAT T-shirt packed with their Speed Test.