A trash can for our oceans

We all see the amount of garbage that floats and destroys our oceans and sea life. I have noticed more and more garbage in the water that varies from bottles to plastic bags, and other objects people have been careless in their disposal of.

It is a really simple idea that is going to be an incredible asset to our waters if we can help support this idea! It works like this: Seabin project Underwater Trash can

The Seabin is placed on the waters surface and it works like a plumbing system and goes into a water pump that is based near the shore near a dock. The surrounding water is sucked into the bin and that brings the floating debris and liquids into the bin’s container. The floating debris is caught inside the bin and then the water then comes out of the bottom of the bin and is then sent through the pump on the dock. It is then sent through a pump that is soon to have the option for an oil and water separator that will filter the water removing the oil and replacing the clean water into the ocean. The bin can function for 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

The bag that is inside the bin is an all natural fiber bag that gathers all the debris that is floating in the ocean. When the bin is full or close to being full the marine worker will change the bag out for another. It will continue to work when full by gathering debris around the bin and keeping it there. They then only have to gather the debris that around it and then changes out the bag as usual.

The next question becomes, how do you start this idea?

They decided to start small. The bins are being developed to be placed in ports, marinas, and yacht clubs. As it is a controlled environment and there are not often large storms or swells in the surrounding areas. It is also a large area that most often the debris and trash are found.

It won’t be easy, as it will take time. Starting small is the best way to efficiently tackle this problem. Little by little the trash can be gathered and removed from the ocean. In doing so they will also gain attention as people see what is being removed from the waters. Hopefully, that will allow for more support for this project.

“It’s a big mission, but it can be done. In fact, we’re doing it right now.” The creators quoted on their website.

So what do they need in order to put the Seabin everywhere?

Well, they need what every idea does, funds. They are utilizing Indiegogo to help raise the needed funds. What will the funds benefit?

  • The more funds they can raise the better they can produce of the Seabin.
  • They need to raise funds to bring the prototype into production. To build the Seabin with the most sustainable materials and processes they can afford.
  • It’s a great way to get everyone involved in solving a common problem worldwide.


So lastly, what do they hope to accomplish with this product?

Well here are a list of their hopes through the use of this idea.

  • To create Seabins from the most sustainable materials and processes available.
  • To have a Seabin production in place by mid to end of 2016 and start shipping.
  • To help rid the oceans of plastics and pollution.
  • To have the lowest carbon footprint possible in the production of the Seabins by means of alternative materials and processes. Also by reducing shipping and having the Seabins manufactured in the countries of installation.
  • To create and support local economies with the production, maintenance and installation of the Seabins world wide.
  • To have future models of Seabins for specific locations.
  • To educate people and cultures about being more responsible with the use and disposal of plastics.
  • To setup educational programs for students in schools.
  • To convert our captured plastics into energy.
  • To reuse or recycle our Seabins for other uses and or applications.
  • To have pollution free oceans with no need for the Seabins.


Check out their video here:



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