Looking for a new way to do exact and automated water changes? Do your top off needs require more than 1ml a minute?  Maybe you dose Kalk and need a way to dose on a larger system like we do?  GHL has designed their new MAXI Doser to fill all those needs.  If you are a GHL Profilux controller user, you will also have a nice clean integration with the MAXI as you add it to your system. We are excited to see how GHL does expanding their rock solid OS to this new device.  Full disclosure, we here @ ReefNation use the GHL 2.1 Master Doser as our means of dosing our Triton Core 7 and it has been up and running like a champ now for the last year.  Here is the full press release for your perusal.


GHL has released an exciting new addition to their growing list of smart aquarium devices. The Doser 2.1 Maxi works as both a standalone or work in conjunction with their Profilux controller or Master units of the standard four-channel Doser 2.1. The Doser Maxi is fitted with two brushless stepper motors that move up to 350 ml per minute!

Meet GHL Doser Maxi

The GHL Doser Maxi is designed for hobbyists and professionals who look for a reliable way to transport larger volumes of water. With two motors, the Maxi is perfect for ATO or AWC, or continuous operation for calcium reactors, and much more. This takes out the work of having to manually change water, as it does it for you! You can schedule these automatic water changes, or trigger them as needed, with no controller!

It’s sporting four pump heads flow water at a higher rate, and probably does this to enable dosing higher volumes of elements in larger tanks, or to perform automatic water changes in small to medium sized aquariums.


The pumps are largely maintenance free! For optimal performance, occasionally clean and remove dust and other impurities from the inside of the pumps. To reduce noise during operation, lubricate the pump with Vaseline.

The lifetime of tubes, pumps and motors depends on the use frequency, flow quantity and environmental conditions.

The average lifetime is 5000 hours for the motor, and 800 hours for the pump head. If there are malfunctions or mechanical damages, the pump head or motor must be replaced.

Product Features

  • Built-in WiFi and myGHL could cupport (standalone only)
  • Built-in Level ports for float and/or optical sensors (standalone only)
  • Quiet brushless motors
  • Speed-adjustable motors
  • On-board manual override buttons
  • Magnetic Stirrer ports
  • Fluid monitoring
  • Etc

Product Dimensions

8.66” L x 5.9” W x 4.06” (without pumps)

What’s Included

  • GHL Doser Maxi SA
  • 24V power supply


GHL Doser Maxi Standalone – $369.90 MAP (Pre-order price – $329.90)

GHL Doser Maxi Slave – $319.90 MAP (Pre-order price – $279.90)