Great Barrier Reef + Video Conferencing = Marine Education For Kids


For many kids not lucky enough to live near a tropical coral reef, seeing its beauty was often restricted to surfing the web or taking one heck of a field trip.  Recently though, the Reef HQ Aquarium in Townsville, Australia has used cutting edge video conferencing from Polycom to enable a new breed of distance learning to children around the world using their amazing marine aquarium facilities.  The result has been a  truly “immersive”  experience where the children are able to study in a living classroom located thousands of miles away that appears before their eyes.

Polycom Enables Reef Education

Marine Education Classes

More than just having students stare at a reef aquarium on on a TV, Reef HQ has a broad range of learning opportunities that include having a live scuba diver take students through a lesson.  The classroom options include Reef HQ’s Coral Reef and Predator exhibits at Reef HQ Aquarium.  The video conferencing experience that translates to the students who could be anywhere in the world is truly a unique one that allows students and teacher to be linked in real time around the world in an interactive setting that.  We just wonder if this is limited to students!

Polycom video conferencing from the reef

Coral Reef Education 2.0

In the future it will be exciting to see where this application of technology in the natural world will go.  It would be amazing to be able to take the same experiences that ReefHQ is sharing with the children from their facilities out into the real live ocean.  The possibilities this would unlock for sharing first hand ocean experiences would truly be endless.  Hopefully Polycom will also market this type of technology to more of its education customers and broaden the education our kids get through immersive experiences like this.

Who knows, ReefNation might even try to do a video conferencing experience for kids here in US classrooms before too long.  The more we teach our children about the amazing ecosystems on our planet, the more we have a chance at saving them in the future.  If we are able to present these ecosystems in an interactive fashion to them, it can only strengthen that cause.

To find out more about Reef HQ’s reef video conferencing please contact:

Reef HQ Aquarium Education Team
P: +61 7 4750 0890
F: +61 7 4772 5281



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