Happy Holidays From ReefNationHappy Holidays From ReefNation

Happy Holidays From ReefNation

As 2015 comes to a close, we just wanted to take a quick minute to wish a quick happy and healthy holiday season to our extended ReefNation community!  Hopefully, you can all find the time this week to sit back with your loved ones and stare at the wondrous coral communities we have created in our homes.  I know for me its also a time that I try to thank my family for their patience in putting up with this hobby over the years.  Is easy to forget all the times our significant others have seen us run home in a cold sweat to shut off a valve…  All the times we have come home to water on the floor..  And who can forget the times they have waited patiently in the car as we “just run in quick to the the local fish store”  Without our families support, we would all just be a bunch of lonely mad scientists without anyone to share the beauty of our hard work with.

Thanks for helping us make it at great 2015 and we look forward to an amazing 2016!

Happy Holidays!


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