Invasive lionfish gobbled by grouper in first documented open water kill

By: Ashley Gustafson


In recently published documentation, Lionfish University has shared a video recording of an invasive lionfish species being hunted and devoured by a grouper species in open water. Until now, the idea of this occurring in open water was only speculation but as of February 1, 2015 JV Hart, the co-founder of Lionfish University, recorded in open water the exact act occurring. The recording was observed at Little Cayman at Black Hole, Preston Bay Marine Park.

The video is continuous uninterrupted footage of a Nassau Grouper and an invasive lionfish interacting. The only notable interference is the diver present who shot the footage with a camera. This footage is believed to be revolutionary as it is thought to be the first legitimate recording of a grouper making an open water kill of a lionfish without human encouragement or significant involvement. After watching the video, scientists are still debating whether the grouper herded the lionfish into open water or whether it followed the lionfish into the open water. Watch the video at this link here and see what you think the grouper did! Also if you are interested in learning more about invasive species like the lionfish and their potential dangers, check out another Reefnation article at this link here!


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