The AP700 is a superb addition the the Kessil aquarium lights collection. It is the company’s first panel light. The 185 watt panel platform manages to power the technology of the Kessil’s pendant lights, which are award-winning. Its compact and sleek design features quiet operation, innovative heat management, and efficient, long-lasting LED construction. The design also allows for a variety of mounting/hanging options. Such hanging options include: Mounting Arms, Canopy Kit, and Hanging Kit.


The AP700 features top quality specs that work seamlessly through its powerful technology. Hybrid Optics simulate the effect of a Metal Halide T5 Combo. The company’s carefully designed lens and reflector combination provides broader distribution of light and grander penetration. This essentially eliminates shading while minimizing hot spots. The Hybrid Optics gives 48” of coverage for any aquarium. It achieves this by combining with the two latest generation of Dense Matrix LED arrays. The AP700 has been designed and tested to steadily give the best spectrum and delivery for coral growth and coloration. The coverage for a mixed reef is 48″x24″ hanging 15″-18″ above water surface. For an SPS dominant, the coverage is 36″x24″ hanging 5″-7″ above water surface.

The panel light offers Wi-fi control through the iPad app. This allows users access to advanced manual control and program customization. It also allows users to sync groups of lights. The features included in the app consists of full color control, acclimation, lunar cycle, weather effects, and more. Not to mention, the Kessil shimmer effect lavishes your tank with a natural sunlit look comparable to the shimmer of a Metal Halide fixture.

The product also features the new generation Dense Matrix LED and Full Color Spectrum is now available for the AP700. With the iPad app, users can choose a variety of blue colors from Deep Ocean Blue to Sky Blue. Other colors such as green, yellow, red and purple are also available. Color mixing works through different wavelengths within a single LED array, which are seamlessly blended and emit a uniform color with widespread coverage. Through Kessil Logic, users can tune a preferred color within the spectral range with the independently adjustable channels. The best usable spectrum for coral growth and coloration is maintained all through the tuning process.

Powerful light source offers better and deeper penetration without sacrificing coverage through Patented Dense Matrix LED™ technology. The technology focusses multiple LED chips into a single array. Maximum penetration can range from 24″-30″ from the water surface for most reefs. The penetration is even greater when units are spaced closer together. The use of AP700 optical accessories can also advance penetration levels. The UV light encourages coral coloration, regardless of the spectral point that is chosen with the tunable spectrum.


The AP700 is a must own for any aquarium owner. With its advanced features and technology, this light provides magnificent results. It has the ability to maintain a beautiful, oceanic, look through a longer distance than most other lights. It is a great addition to the Kessil Lighting collection.