Okay, I know what you are thinking.  Are they really going to review another mounting arm?  Let’s just say that this is not your normal light mounting option, rather it’s a magical option for your new Kessil light that allows you to balance both function and finish.

top view of aquarium with light attached with mounting arm

Our Experience

We added 2 Kessil Blue pendants with the Gooseneck to one of our LPS and Zoa grow out tanks last year.  We purchased the flexible mount arms which came with mounting brackets to mount them to the side of the 40 breeder that they are set up on.  The lights are connected to our Apex VDM module for their lighting control and have the daisy chain cable so the settings from one light are transferred to the second light.  The lights have been phenomenal and the flexible arm mount gives us the ability to hide light power and control cords as well. We have often had to adjust the lights for new arrivals or when we have some corals that we would like to give a different light intensity to.  The flexibility of the arm and the sturdy tank mount allows you to easily grab the light and position it accordingly.

Product Details

Kessil’s A Series Gooseneck is a well-made and very durable 24 inch long mounting option. It was definitely made to last, which is to be expected of Kessil products. It is also a piece of cake to adjust and allows you to adapt your lights to best go together with your aquarium with no trouble, and without giving up strength and quality. It can be adjusted to almost any position or angle you could possibly want. To adjust the attached light’s position, simply bend the flexible material of the gooseneck. The A Series Gooseneck is compatible with all Kessil A Series LED light pendants, which include the A150W, A160WE, A350, A350W, A360, A360W, and A360N. AP700 lights should be used with Kessil’s newly released Mounting Arm.

The Gooseneck’s base has a clamp that can attach to just about all aquariums with ease, both rimmed and rimless. It top view of aquarium with light attached with mounting armcan be attached to a rim up to 1 1/8 inches thick. It is fine to use on both glass and acrylic tanks as well. The base can also be mounted on sideways so that it is compatible with Euro brace styles. The A Series Gooseneck comes with a metal gooseneck base, 2 plastic screws, a plastic stepper, 2 thumb screws, a gooseneck, zip ties, and an A350/A360 bracket. The A150 and A160 brackets are included with the lights. The gooseneck and base are black and weigh about 2 pounds. A 90 Degree Gooseneck Adapter is available for additional purchase to keep the lights at a true 90 degree angle off the mount and to add to the reach of the gooseneck, which is great for larger aquariums to help get the lights higher and closer to the center.

How to Install the Gooseneck

Installing the Kessil A Series Gooseneck directly onto your aquarium is quick and stress-free.  In general, it takes five minutes or less to get through, which is a lot quicker and easier than trying to hang your lights from the ceiling. To set up, start by attaching the base. To do so, insert the plastic stepper into the base and secure it with the plastic screws. Then, place the base onto the back of the aquarium and secure it with the thumb screws. The plastic stepper will help to keep the base sturdy. If attaching onto a Euro brace style tank, you will want to place the base on so that the clamp lies horizontally with the side with 3 holes facing up. Next, attach the gooseneck into the base. After that, take out the screws from the top of your light and save them. Then, use those screws to attach the bracket to the light. Next, screw the gooseneck into the bracket. Do not do this over open water. To finish, hook up the power supply and adjust the gooseneck as desired. It is recommended to keep your lights 8 to 12 inches above the water surface for the best coverage. Once in place, the sturdy gooseneck will stay put unless you make the decision to bend it into a different position. It will not slip out of place or drop down. You may also want to use the zip ties to secure the power cables for a more polished look.


Overall, this mount and the Kessil lights that it holds will be a part of our aquaculture system here going forward.  We are happy to say that the first year plus with the lights and the mounts has been a success.  The quality of the components has kept them functioning in our salty environment and the arm has remained easy to move.  This product gets a ReefNation 2 thumbs up.