Kessil’s Mounting Arm is a high quality mounting option that allows you to attach Kessil lights directly to your tank.

2 black mounting arms holding a large light

It also conceals wiring that goes with the lights, making it both functional and aesthetically appealing. It is compatible with Kessil’s A160, A360, and AP700 lights. Two mounting arms are required for use with the AP700. The Mounting Arm attaches to the back of your aquarium and has a 90 degree bend to suspend your light over the center of the tank. The Mounting Arm is adjustable in height, with a maximum height of 17 inches, and from back to front. It is appropriate for both rimmed and rimless tanks.

What’s in the Box

The Mounting Arm comes with the arm, a slide bar, four M4 round head hex screws, an arm mount, a tube adapter, two M4 head hex socket caps, a 90 degree adapter, an A3XX bracket, two plastic steppers, an M3 thumb screw, four M5 flat head Phillips caps, two M5 thumb screws, a 2.5 mm M4 hex key, and two thumb screws. The Mounting Arm must be installed according to what light is being used with it.

How to Install

black mounting arm

To install the Mounting Arm with the AP700 light, first insert two plastic steppers into the arm mount and secure them with four M5 Phillips cap screws using a Phillips screwdriver. Next, insert four M4 round head hex screws through the tube adapter and into the arm mount, securing with the M4 hex key. Then, secure the arm mount to the tank using two thumb screws. Put the arm into the tube adapter and adjust it to the desired height with the markings facing the back. Then, secure with two M5 thumb screws. The far ends of the two arm brackets should be 17 13/16 inches (453 mm) apart. Next, remove the screws from the top of the AP700 using the M4 hex key. Then, use the M4 hex key to secure the slide bar and AP700 together with two M4 hex socket cap screws on both sides of the AP700. Next, put the AP700 cable through the arm. Then, slide the AP700 and the slide bar into the arm. Both sides should be slid into place at the same time. Finally, adjust the slide bar to your aquarium’s width and secure with an M3 thumb screw. The length should be half of the aquarium’s width.

black mounting arm holding a light

To install the Mounting Arm with the A160 or A360, first remove the screws from the lights. Next, secure the A3XX bracket to the unit using the screws you just removed. The A150 and A160 lights come with a bracket to use instead. Then, place the slide bar into the arm and secure them with an M3 thumb screw. Next, add the slide bar to the 90 degree adapter with an M4 hex socket cap screw using the M4 hex key. Then, tighten the 90 degree adapter into the bracket. Next, put the power supply cable through the bottom of the arm and connect it to the power cord of the unit. Then, secure the mounting arm onto the aquarium following the same directions as for the AP700. Adjust the slide bar to your tank’s width, and secure with an M3 thumb screw.

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