Meet Mermaid Linden

by Samantha Mergenthaler



Growing up in landlocked Pennsylvania, Linden Wolbert dreamed of the ocean. So in 2005, Linden quit her nine-to-five day job and dedicated herself to the oceans. “From the time I was little I just fell in love with all things water including the creatures in the ocean,” she told the Australia Today Show, “and I find that children specifically are interested in that and find wonder in that. And if I can encourage children which is really one of my big passions to acquire water safety skills, learn to swim, be comfortable in the water, and then immerse themselves and understand and appreciate the creatures in it, they’ll naturally love and want to conserve those creatures in the ocean.”


And that is exactly what she did. Through her foundation Mermaids in Motion, Linden works as a professional underwater model, videographer and diver, as well as an advocate and educator in ocean conservation and water safety for her young and often completely enchanted audiences. In her efforts to inspire and educate children about the oceans, Linden started a video series titled ‘The Mermaid Minute’. These short videos feature Mermaid Linden, who has swam up to shore to talk to kids about the many creature living in the ocean with her. In each episode, mermaid Linden introduces a different oceanic creature to her audience, providing a fun and impacting snippet of education to any child with internet access, regardless of how geographically near to the ocean they live. She hopes that with a freely accessible ocean education programming like The Mermaid Minute’, every child can have a chance to explore, love and protect the oceans!


In a promotional video with MSN Causes, Linden talks about why she feels the oceans are so deeply important: “I think the ocean reminds us of wear we came from, because it’s soothing and it’s beautiful and it’s magical.” She responds. “There is magic in the water, and I think if we respect and understand that and experience it for ourselves it encourages us to have a different mentality about the entire world.”


Through her unique line of work, Linden Wolbert does her part to educate people on the importance of ocean conservation. She entertains, educates, and fills young people with joy and wonder. She certainly she brings a little bit of the ocean’s magic with her to shore, and luck for us, she kind enough to share it.