Revolutionary MindStream Aquarium Water Monitoring System Starts Kickstarter Campaign

by Justin Hester


Kickstarter campaign launches today to bring groundbreaking technology to market
BURLINGTON, VT (July 27, 2015) — Step Ahead Innovations, Inc., innovators of the
revolutionary MindStreamTM aquarium water monitoring system, today announced
its much-anticipated public unveiling. After years of research, development, and
testing, avid aquarists and general supporters alike can help bring the MindStream
monitor (anticipated MSRP $700-900) to market and be among the first to receive a
monitor of their own for just $495 via its Kickstarter campaign.
The groundbreaking MindStream monitor replaces manual testing in saltwater
aquariums with automated ongoing monitoring resulting in less cost, less hassle,
less stress, and more enjoyment. The MindStream monitor accurately measures up
to ten critical water parameters important to the health of fish and coral, delivers
constantly updated data to computers and smart-phone devices, and alerts
aquarium enthusiasts if important parameters are out of optimum range.
“We’re thrilled with the pre-launch demand for the MindStream monitor, and our
testing results have been very positive,” said Step Ahead Innovations, Inc. founder
James Clark, an avid aquarist. “We have invested an incredible amount of time and
care to ensure that when we launched, this product would be accurate, reliable, and
easy to use, and I feel confident that the monitor we’ve revealed today will exceed
every expectation. We are excited to introduce our product to backers and begin this
Kickstarter campaign that will allow us to finalize testing, purchase materials, and
set up manufacturing. We eagerly look forward to the assistance of our supporters
in bringing the MindStream product to market by the end of this year.”


The MindStream monitor is a highly sophisticated instrument that attaches to the
inside wall of an aquarium tank by mating to a magnetized power pack on the
outside of the tank. The in-tank monitor is powered automatically via inductive
technology through the tank glass, eliminating the need for wires in the tank. Water
parameter data is wirelessly uploaded every 15 minutes via Wi-Fi to the
MindStream cloud. Users can monitor the health of their tanks with any web-enabled
device, and with apps for iPhone, Android, and Windows. The device uses
an inexpensive consumable disc that contains advanced chemical/fluorescent
sensors that are accurate for at least 30 days. A convenient monthly subscription
service is planned for easy disc payment and delivery.
The MindStream monitor, which has been issued four U.S. patents with 10 more
pending patent applications, is a dramatic improvement over current water testing
methods, which typically include dip test strips, liquid test kits, in-tank electrodes,
or mail-in and in-store testing. With a total cost representing about three percent of
an average salt-water aquarium, the MindStream solution is significantly less costly
– and much more convenient – than traditional aquarium water testing approaches.

MindStream monitor benefits include:

• Automatic, ongoing water monitoring: parameter data is updated every 15
minutes, giving aquarium owners peace of mind that their fish and coral are
• A single automated, accurate, and consistent monitoring device.
• Eliminates the need for intermittent, unreliable manual testing: just replace
one disk in the monitor every 30 days.
• Ability to view historical parameter data graphs and trends.
• Ability to set acceptable individual water parameter ranges and receive
automated alerts when customized optimum ranges are exceeded.
• Ability to annotate parameter charts and graphs with custom messages.
• Easy to install and set-up.
• No calibration required.
• Radically reduced time devoted to testing water.
• One-tenth the cost of comparable test strip, liquid reagent, and ISE electrode
based testing approaches.
• Reduced fish and coral losses, and a corresponding benefit to coral reefs and
fish stocks.
• Stress-free aquarium ownership and enjoyment.

More information about the MindStream monitor is available at
www.MindStreamH2O.com and on Facebook. To pre-order the MindStream monitor
and help bring the product to market, please visit MindStream’s Kickstarter page.

About Step Ahead Innovations, Inc.

Step Ahead Innovations was founded in 2012 by James Clark, a
successful inventor, entrepreneur and electrical engineer, and Giuseppe Petrucci PhD, professor of
chemistry at the University of Vermont with extensive experience in medical chemical sensor technology,
which forms the basis for the MindStream monitor. The MindStream monitor grew out of their shared
belief that aquarium enthusiasts should be freed from the burden of constant manual water testing
regimens so they can relax and enjoy their healthy, beautiful fish and coral. The company has invested
millions of dollars in technology research, product development, market research, system testing, patent
protection, and the go-to-market launch, which will be marked by a Kickstarter campaign starting on July
27, 2015 and ending the last day of the MACNA conference on September 6, 2015.
More information about MindStream is available online at www.MindStreamH2O.com. You can find
MindStream on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter.