In part 2 of our Mindstream Video Demo, we discuss some of the technical details of the mindstream device, aquarium mounting options, wifi integration, and future enhancements.If you missed part 1, there is a link at the bottom as well.

Mounting Options

Placement of the Mindstream looks to be flexible to account for both sump and main display locations.  It does appear that you would want to locate the Mindstream in a discrete location in your main system as some of the readings will be dependent on reading dissolved gasses which would be incorrectly read, say in a sump with your protein skimmer near.  Mounting the Mindstream appears to be as easy as many of the water pumps we magnetically mount to our aquarium glass today with an additional small suction cup for stability.


Network Connectivity

It appears that you will need to have a WiFi access point located pretty close to the aquarium as the antenna is built into the top portion of the Mindstream which will be partially un-submerged, but behind your glass which will limit the transmit range.  We will have to see in real life if this would also maybe work better with a wireless bridge device as many use today on their reef controllers.

Alarming and Future Enhancements

Alarming will also be something that comes built into the device.  For now that appears to work as a text or email from the device with more options coming later as the iphone app is ready. Jim shows us the test software in the next segment that they use today to track water parameters.  In this segment, we also look at some of the future options that appear to already be in development for the Mindstream ecosystem. It appears that many other water parameters could be added in the future as more space on their “disc” is used for reading data.



Remember, if you would like to reserve your unit via kickstarter, we only have a few weeks left.  The link can be found here.  Stay tuned for Segment 3 and if you missed segment 1, you can view it here.