In our third segment, we take a look at some of the behind the scenes testing tools the Mindstream team has been using to calibrate and test the Mindstream monitor. They have been trying in the lab to track known values and make sure the monitor follows the same readings.

Parameter Forecasting

One of the most interesting thing Jim shows on this segment is both the history and the trending that the software will do as our water parameters change.  This could not only be useful for day to day water chemistry monitoring, but could also be huge for those of us that dose.  Picture being able to see where you are trending as you either increase or decrease you dosages.  If this pans out to work as it is planned, this will be HUGE for the hobby.


We will also take a look at the mechanism that the Mindstream uses to actually clean itself daily.

Hope you all enjoy and let us know what other products you would like to see a demo of.