New Coral Release:Tyree Rouge Milli

by Justin Hester

This week we are proud to release one of our all time favorite corals, the Tyree Rouge Millepora.  This coral has been sought after by SPS collectors for years and we are excited to be able to now offer it through our catalog of sustainably grown frags.

What has made this coral so unique is its contrasting coloration of lime green to yellow polyps over a deep red/purple skin.  Its millipora growth pattern also makes it pop against any reef aquarium background.  It is also a pretty slow growing coral which has led to it being listed  as “out of stock”  for most aquarists when they are able to find it listed online.

Tyree Rouge Milli

Based on this, we have delayed the release of ours so that we could build up half a dozen or so frags and try to keep up with all of you that want to add this special coral to your tanks.   So, even though our collection of frags is limited at the time being, we are growing out this coral as fast as we can so that you can all have access to it shortly. This coral will be available in limited quantities we release over the next few weeks, so check for its availability here.