New Footage of Chinese Shark Tank Exploding At Mall

Check out this new vantage point on the fish tank that has been on the news exploding in a Chinese mall.  Last week this headline emerged with video of the 33 ton aquarium at the Orient Mall in Shanghai seeming to fall out onto the floor where people were standing.  Sixteen people were injured in this accident and we are assuming the guy standing there taking pictures as the tank explodes onto him was one of them.  This aquarium was home to many marine fish, lemon sharks, and even sea turtles which unfortunately have died according to reports.

Why Did The Acrylic Tank Fail?

Experts are presuming that UV exposure from light on the tank made the acrylic brittle and it just let go as these unfortunate onlookers were standing there.  Its hard to believe acrylic that is almost 6″ thick would just give way like this, but with all that water putting pressure on it, it does seem feasible.  Its very lucky no one was killed with the force of that water firing out cracked pieces of acrylic.

All the food coming out of the Tunze Wavebox

Before Tank Seal Failure

ReefNation Reef Tank Failure

We had a similar event here at ReefNation three weeks ago, although thankfully it was a leak rather than a structural failure in our main show tank.  Thanks to quick response from our ReefNation team and help from our friends at Sea Escapes, we didn’t lose any fish or corals.

Here is a sad shot of our main tank post leak

2 Hours After The Above Picture

We set up and plumbed in an emergency holding tank within literally minutes and moved some of our LED lighting over it within an hour.  We are happy to report that all the fish, live rock, and corals are now back in a new main tank basking in some solar goodness and growing quite nice.  Thanks again to Erin, Brian, Don, Jon, and Jim for all the quick help attending to the disaster!