Control Your Aquarium From Anywhere!

A computer, tablet, and two smartphones showing the layout of an aquarium light control center

EcoSmart Live can be accessed on a variety of devices!

Say you’re vacationing in the Caribbean and you spot some coral heads on a snorkeling trip that look fantastic in the glow of the sunset. You think maybe my tank at home should have a bit more red light. Typically, you’d have to wait until you return from vacation to make this update, but with the EcoSmart Live command center from EcoTech Marine you can make the change as soon as you return to your hotel room that evening! EcoSmart Live delivers total control over your aquarium’s conditions: anytime, anywhere, with just about any internet-connected device.

EcoTech Marine has been providing aquarists with high-quality aquarium equipment for over a decade. However, one of their most useful products is EcoSmart Live, a virtual command center that allows full wireless control over that very equipment. EcoSmart Live is a web-based reef aquarium command center that gives reefers complete control of any Radion LED lights or VorTech propeller pumps present in their tanks. All that is needed is an internet connection and a compatible web browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Safari) or the EcoSmart Live app.


On EcoSmart Live, you are able to create a realistic virtual representation of your aquarium’s layout. You can set the dimensions of your tank and add Radion LED lights and VorTech propeller pumps in the exact spots that they are located. EcoSmart Live then allows you to control a variety of specific functions of these lights and pumps.

The interface of an internet application that allows you to create a virtual representation of your home aquarium

You can create a virtual representation of your tank with EcoSmart Live.

Any Radion LED lights that are present in a tank can be adjusted by intensity and by color. You can even set a daily schedule for when the lights are adjusted. By doing this, you can ensure that your corals receive optimal photosynthetically active radiation when you aren’t at home and optimal light for viewing when you are.

Similarly, EcoSmart Live can regulate VorTech propeller pumps. You are able to adjust the flow intensity and circulation pattern of water in your tank. EcoSmart Live can even calculate an optimal flow range for you VorTech pumps according to your tank’s dimensions! Like with Radion lights, a daily schedule can also be set for your VorTech pumps.

The Cloud

EcoSmart Live is a cloud-based app, which means that your connection is secure and that any custom settings or additional data are consistently backed up and saved in the cloud. This also means that you can access EcoSmart Live anywhere, so your tank is always with you. You can even use a smartphone or tablet to access EcoSmart Live! Additionally, new features are installed automatically, so you don’t have to worry about constantly updating your software.


To control your lights and pumps on EcoSmart Live, that equipment must be connected via USB to a computer running connection manager. If you have an assortment of EcoTech Marine products, this could become a bit of a hassle involving a mess of wires. That problem is solved by ReefLink, a device that acts as a bridge from your EcoTech Marine equipment to EcoSmart live. ReefLink will be reviewed in detail later, but it is important to note that ReefLink eliminates the need to connect your lights and pumps directly to a computer to use EcoSmart Live.


EcoSmart Live is a great way to command your aquarium on the go or even inside your own home. Its interface is simple and straightforward, and the aspects it controls can greatly impact the health and appearance of your tank. With EcoSmart Live, you and your aquarium are never apart!