Product Review: Jebao WP-25 Wave Maker Pump

by Brian Dunat


The Jebao WP pumps are starting to gain more traction in our hobby, so we decided to write a quick review on the Jebao WP-25 pump. At ReefNation, we have been using several models of the Jebao pumps to supplement our VorTech pumps that are connected to the EcoTech Battery Backup units (it’s part of the hobby when you live in the Midwest). What’s the biggest difference between the Jebao and EcoTech VorTech pumps? The price, the motor placement and the in tank footprint required.

For our review, we have these pumps in a 60 gallon long breeder tank and a 120 gallon reef tank, so there is plenty of space for the pump itself. In some of our larger tanks, we have the Jebao WP-40 and WP-60 pumps along with the some VorTech MP40 and MP60 pumps and will do a review on these later.

What’s in the box?

Within the box, you will get the Jebao WP-25 pump itself, the controller, AC/DC adapter, main power cord and double sided tape.

From the time you open the box to the time you have the pump up and running is really quick! All you need to do is the following:

  1. Place the magnetic bracket in your tank
  2. Snap the pump into the bracket and rotate the pump output in the direction you wish
  3. Place the controller somewhere you can easily reach using the double sided adhesive tape
  4. Plug the power supply into the controller
  5. Plug the pump into the power supply
  6. Plug in the power supply and adjust settings based on your preferences

How it works? 

Click the Mode button to change the settings

To set configure the Jebao, you need to leverage the Mode button on the controller. Press the Mode button to cycle through the selection of functions.

H1 H2 H3: High, constant, non-variable flow (6500 LPH / 4800L / 3200L).

L: Low, constant, non-variable flow at a third of the speed (3000L)

S1 to S3 Mode: Based on the W1 Wavebox function provides 100% 75% and 50% Wave

W1: Short pulses which, when timed correctly will create a back and forth motion and form a gentle standing wave in your tank. Adjust the controller to change the speed of the pulses and vary the size of the wave according to your tank.

W2 & W3: Pump gradually speeds up and slows down incrementally to create a varied flow pattern (very comparable to settings on VorTech pumps).

Else: Reef Stream Mode, a mixed, changing pattern that creates a random flow cycle similar to what you would find in a natural reef (very comparable to settings on VorTech pumps). Preferred setting for Reef tanks.

Feed: Press the Feed button once. The blue 10 min light will illuminate indicating that the pump has been stopped for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, the light will go off and the pump will be turned back on. Alternatively, press the Feed button again to start the pump.

Lock: To prevent changes from inadvertently occurring by accidentally knocking the adjustable control knob, press and hold the Feed button for 5 seconds. The red Lock light will illuminate and the control knob will no longer function. Press and hold the Feed button for a further 5 seconds to disable this feature. This is great if the controller is located in an area where kids could “push the flashy buttons”.


What's in the box with a Jebao WP-25 Click the Mode button to change the settings

The Jebao WP25 is a well-built pump with a simple controller that is perfect for those Reef Hobbyists on a limited budget. The Jebao WP-25 is a perfect pump capable of generating alternating currents within the tank.

The Else setting creates an altering wave pattern mimicking that of the ocean and is one of our preferred settings here at ReefNation.

The ability to adjust the pumps head and flow direction. This helps to ensure you can place the pump in the location of your choice within the tank while quickly and easily adjusting the flow.

The pump is also very quiet compared to some other products on the market.

The Lock option is a great feature if you have kids around that always want to touch “the flashy lights”. This is a great way to kid proof the controller.


The downside to the pump is the fact that the pump motor itself is located within the tank along with the power cord. As the pump is located within the tank, it will generate heat which can cause some fluctuations in temperature of your tank depending on tank size and speed settings.

Having the pump, cord and the bracket within the tank takes up more real estate than some other pumps.

Cannot link them together with other pumps unless you “hack” the units to use a DIY controller or you purchase the new dual pump controller.

​Final Verdict

Thumbs Up

From the time you take the pump out of the box to the time it’s up and running is a matter of minutes. This pump allows for varying degrees of control and varying speed settings to fit your needs. The pump is very cost effective and is a great add to any tank. 

We have been using the EcoTech VorTech and Jebao pumps in our ReefNation tanks now for about 4 months and have been pleasantly surprised. For the money, we can say it’s well worth the investment!


Power - 110V to 240V 50/60Hz

Wattage - 8W to 20W depending on the mode

Size - 8cm x 6cm

Magnet Base - yes