After investing in a saltwater tank, have you ever thought guiltily:

I wish my aquarium wasn’t so labor intensive.

I wish I didn’t worry about my tank while I’m away from home.

I wish I could enjoy my coral and fish without stressing about their lighting, heaters, and pumps.

Well monitoring and caring for your beloved aquarium just got easier!

ipad monitoring fish tank data


Neptune Systems Apex Aquarium Controller makes this possible with an affordable, easy to install system which offers a wide range of controls that puts you in the drivers seat; even from a remote location via your iPhone, iPad, or Android!

Not only can the Apex System monitor basic functions like lights, heaters, pH levels, and pumps, but you can also set up custom features like the remote access, email and text alerts, and feed modes.

Almost every aquarium owner has encountered common tank problems like:

  • Overheating due to faulty tank heaters
  • Fires caused from cheap plastic power strips
  • Leakages and overflows

At the first sign of detection, the Apex System will take immediate corrective action and then notify you via text and/or email.

There is no shortage of add-on features and products to enhance your Apex System (including Apex Ready certified products for expanded control and programming options), but let me describe the standard Apex System that will get you to a stress-free starting point.

This system comes complete with 5 pieces that I’ll describe in some detail:

  1. Apex Base Unit
  2. Apex Display Module
  3. Energy Bar 8
  4. Long-life Temperature Probe
  5. Standard pH Probe

The Apex Base Unit is the ‘brain’ of the system that boasts numerous features:

  • A 32-bit microprocessor. (other standard processors are 8 or 16 bits)
  • Built-in web server. (PC and Mac compatible)
  • Internet Connectivity.
  • Embedded software for setting up the automation, creating customized programs, graphing your tank’s data, and initiating the mobile device capabilities.
  • Multiple monitoring ports including temperature, pH, pH/ORP, and 6 – I/O switch inputs (for use with leak detectors, door switches, feed buttons, etc.).
  • 4 channels of 0-10V control (most commonly used for LED dimming or Tunze speed control pumps).
  • External 12V power input that can be used for a power-outage option.

The Apex Display Module is a compact, easy to read display panel, with a built-in speaker for activating a number of alarms for any condition changes you choose to program.

The Energy Bar 8 is more than just a standard power strip. Standard power strips are typically made of plastic that can easily catch fire if there is an electrical short. The Apex Energy Bar is made of solid metal. Each outlet is also independently controlled while the Energy Bar continually sends its current usage to the controller so you can pull that data and monitor the overall power consumption of your tank.

The Long-Life Temperature Probe is specifically manufactured by Neptune Systems because they feel their proprietary construction allows for less corrosion of long-term saltwater submersion of the temperature probe. The Standard pH Probe comes from a trusted manufacturer that again provides long life and accurate readings.

This 5-piece Apex System starts at only $239.00 and according to customer reviews, it takes only minutes to set up. With an easy-to-follow manual, and an excellent online support team, the least tech-savvy person can be up and running in no time.

Don’t let your hobby stress you out! Whether you have a 30 gallon tank or a 300 gallon tank, the Apex System will give you (and your investment) the peace of mind you deserve!