Light measurement is an essential step to the development of plants and coral in your aquarium.

PAR (photosynthetically active radiation) is the light level that organisms need for successful photosynthesis. Too much light can burn, bleach, or even kill your coral so constant monitoring of PAR levels is necessary for a thriving tank.

Thanks to the Neptune Systems PAR Monitoring Kit (PMK), the manual task of hand-held PAR monitoring is a thing of the past.

Not only does this PMK offer you traceable data, and the best reads for adjusting your lighting, it also measures your tank’s PAR 24 hours a day, 7 days per week! Its sensors measure PAR by surveying the environment minute-by-minute giving the most accurate picture of the actual light shining in your tank.

An additional feature that comes with this PMK is the Real Reef Rock designed to hide the sensor to blend it in with your environment and hold it firmly in place.

Pairing this PMK with the Neptune Systems Apex Controller offers added advantages to their interface and user network while giving you an even deeper understanding of your monitoring and adjustments.


This 4-piece PMK includes:

  1. ASM – Advanced Sensors Module
  2. NPS – Neptune PAR Sensor
  3. Real Reef Rock
  4. 6′ AquaBus Cable

Requires Neptune Systems Apex or Apex Jr.

Price: $299.95

Keep your corals happy and vibrant with the technology and watchful-eye in Neptune Systems PAR Monitoring Kit.