SR Surface Shield

Every few years, there is a product that comes into the reef keeping hobby that has the potential to revolutionize the way we do certain things.  SR Aquaristik's aquarium shield could be just such a product.  

Imagine not having to scrape your glass for hours to get all the diatoms, film and coraline algae off.  What if you could simply aim a powerhead at the glass and it would just roll up and float away.  This is exactly how SR Aquaristik's glass shield is designed to work.

How does Surface Shield work?

SRA's Aquarium Surface Shield is a spray that is applied to the inside of a new or drained tank.  Once applied, this product forms an invisible molecular shield between the glass and the tank water that basically will slough off the film of phyto goodies that start to generally cloud up our glass every few days.  The spray is made up of a 100% sustainable, fish safe, reef safe, plant based ingredient that will reduce hours of scraping to seconds of basting or blowing off your glass.    It also does not contain any synthetic perfumes, petrochemicals, or dyes, making it reef safe.

SR Aquarium Surface Shield can be used on almost any surface including aquarium glass, decorative rocks, artificial plants, and decorations. After treatment, algae and debris will not attach to the treated surface, and can be easily dusted or rinsed away.

How to apply Surface Shield

Surface shield should be applied in several coats to a clean glass surface, preferably on the inside of a new tank.  If you have an established tank, you can also drain the water, clean the glass and then apply surface shield before refilling your tank.  Once it dries, you are ready to fill the tank.

Final Review of SR Aquaristic Glass Cleaner Surface Shield

If Surface shield works like it says, this product could shorten in a big way the amount of time we spend cleaning our glass tanks.  I would have loved to try this on our 340 main display as we have 2 sides viewable, but didn't have a bottle handy when we did the install of it.  The only downside we see is that you need to remember to apply this product BEFORE you install your tank.  

If you have an existing tank, application would entail quite a production of draining it down, drying, and cleaning the glass before application.  For those that have acrylic, we have a question out to the manufacturer about how this product would fare.  I would think though that if it works on acrylic, this would be an even better way to avoid scratching your tank.  We will update when we have that information back.

About SR Aquaristik

At SR Aquaristik, our goal is to provide aquarium owners with the highest quality products at the best possible price; creating the best overall value in the Aquarium industry.  We are not a distributor; we are a manufacturer – with over 20 years of product development experience exclusively in the aquarium and water garden industries.  

With manufacturing, sales and industrial design partners in the USA, Canada, Europe, China and Taiwan, we are able to offer products normally only manufactured by large aquarium companies; direct from the same factories and designed specifically to the specification of SR Aquaristik.