Whether you are new to the reefing hobby or a seasoned veteran, at some point, you will need to look at adding a Protein Skimmer. Buying a protein skimmer is like buying a car; the options are endless and so are a lot of the reviews. With new models and manufacturers popping up all over the place, it’s a daunting task to pick the right skimmer for your system.

At ReefNation, one of our older ASM G3 skimmers finally reached the end of its long life (8 years to be exact) and it was time to replace it. We contacted SR Aquaristik as we use several of their products. They set us up with the SR Aquaristik SR PRO Skim 400, a new model in their line of skimmers. The SR Aquaristik Protein SR PRO Skim 400 skimmer is an in-sump skimmer rated to provide filtration for aquariums from 200-400 gallons. The overall design of the skimmer is well thought out, simplifying cleaning, reducing the in sump foot print, and reducing power consumption.

What’s in the Box?

The SR PRO Skim 400 comes with everything you will need to get up and running quickly. One of the biggest things you will notice when you have the skimmer assembled is how small of a footprint you will need to place this in your sump.

With the DC pump mounted inside of the skimmer itself, there is no need for additional space to accommodate a larger, external pump. For us, the footprint was half the size compared to running the ASM G3 with the external Sedra 5000 pump. Another feature that might go overlooked is the external drain line for the skimmer cup.

 Ever dosed something in your tank that caused your skimmer to overflow? No problem with the SR PRO Skim 400, simply hang the drain line outside of the sump and open the valve to drain out the excess water until the skimmer returns to normal operation. Sounds funny, but if you have ever spilled a skimmer cup when this happens, you know how nice of a feature this could be!

SR 400 In the BoxSR 400 Unpacked


The SR PRO Skim 400 comes with a removable, variable control DC pump that operates at about 25W. This is about half the power consumption of the Sedra 5000 that we replaced.

Once powered on, you can fine tune the skimmer operation through the pumps control unit and by adjusting the skimmer’s valve to quickly adjust the water level to your desired setting to maximize the skimming.

The SR PRO Skim 400 comes with air silencers and needle wheel impellers to minimize the noise the skimmer makes when operating.

 Once we had the skimmer dialed in and operating, you honestly can’t even hear the skimmer running.

As we have the sumps plumbed into a separate room, the noise isn’t crucial for us, but for new buyers, this is something to consider! When putting the skimmer under the tank in an open room, the sound of running water can get old very quickly.

SR PRO 400 Skimming

SR PRO 400 Skimming


The PRO SR 400 comes apart very quickly and easily for a full cleanup.

The skimmer cup is not a standard twist lock cup like some skimmers, but rather secured via a rubber gasket. Simply tilt the cup to one side slightly and pull up to remove the cup.

If the skimmer cup is full, use the included drain line to drain the cup first before removing it for further cleaning.

If the bubble plates, cone neck or pump need cleaning, simply remove the skimmer from the sump, remove the 4 set screws at the bottom of the skimmer and you will have full access to clean everything.

SR 400 Bottom

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a skimmer with precise control, quiet, efficient operation and a small footprint rated up to a 400 gallon tank, then this is a skimmer for you. This skimmer gets a thumbs up from us at ReefNation!

ASM G3 - SR PRO 400 Side by Side

ASM G3 - SR PRO 400 Side by Side

Product Specification

Filtration Rating: up to 400 Gallons with a light bio-load or 200 Gallons with a heavy bio-load

Footprint:  10 1/2"/27.5cm

Height: 21 1/2"/55.5cm

Max chamber diameter:  7 1/2"/19.5cm

Outlet size: 1 1/2” quick-precise adjustment valve

DC Pump included

Pump power consumption:  25W

Requires approximately ¾”/2cm of clearance to remove the collection cup


  • Simple to set up and operate
  • Extremely efficient
  • Quality construction
  • check
    Quick and Precise adjustment valve allows fast precision tuning of the skimmer water level to control wet/dry foam production
  • check
    Bubble chamber maximizes contact time allowing for efficient skimming
  • check
    Cone construction maximizes skimming effect

About SR Aquaristik

At SR Aquaristik, our goal is to provide aquarium owners with the highest quality products at the best possible price; creating the best overall value in the Aquarium industry.  We are not a distributor; we are a manufacturer – with over 20 years of product development experience exclusively in the aquarium and water garden industries.  

With manufacturing, sales and industrial design partners in the USA, Canada, Europe, China and Taiwan, we are able to offer products normally only manufactured by large aquarium companies; direct from the same factories and designed specifically to the specification of SR Aquaristik.