black led light fixture with 2 clustersEcoTech Marine Radion LED lights have been growing corals with favorable outcome since its original model launched five years ago. Two years after the most recent update, the fourth generation of the Radion fixtures are now available at select retailers. The Radion G4 fixtures have more cutting-edge available spectrum and channel control, more color mixing, and better coverage than the G3 models.

HEI Optics

The new hemispherical edge illumination (HEI) optics lens system allows the Radion G4 to have the most highly developed lens design available with improved balanced color mixing. These lenses combine the light uniformity and color mixing of T5 halides with the power and efficiency of LEDs. The bulbous geometry of the lenses allows for greater light distribution and spread by redistributing unnecessarily high PAR peaks, which would otherwise be present under the fixtures, redirecting light most often lost tangentially to the fixture downwards, and distributing high intensity output outwards. This results in a meaningfully wider optimal area of intensity for coral health and growth, increased available space for corals at all depths, and reduced shadowing. The G4 has over twice the optimal PAR zone than preceding generations of the Radion fixtures. Uneven PAR that occurs with many LED fixtures can result in corals growing towards or away from the higher intensity, causing stress and unusual shapes.

EcoTech has rebalanced the existing colors in the clusters and has added warm white and violet to the pro models. The G4 uses the most advanced top-bin diodes offered by CREE, OSRAM, and Semiled to bring forth amazing color rendition.


Another improvement from the G3 models is decreased noise thanks to a redesigned heat sink with new geometry and micro-fins. This new heat sink is designed to maximize surface area and allow for better heat dispersion. Also, black heat sink with close up of micro-finsmultiple channels provide free airflow. Therefore, the need to cool the LEDs is made considerably less, so there is less airflow and fan noise. The G4 uses a proven computer run IP55 rated fan.

What’s in the Box

The Radion G4 includes the G4 Radion LED fixture, a power supply, a power adapter cable, four hanging eyelets, a USB micro adapter cable, a lens cleaning cloth, and an owner’s manual. The Radion G4 comes with a 1 year warranty.

One thing that has remained the same is the Radion’s external appearance. The G4 has the same sleek style as the G3 models.


There are three models of the G4 available; the XR15w pro, the XR30w, and the XR30w pro. The XR15w pro has the whole spectrum but with half the intensity. This model is perfect for most aquariums 24-30 inches wide and deep. It has 95 watts (max) of power and a single cluster of LEDs. The XR30w has 150 watts (max) of power with 34 LEDs and two clusters. The XR30w pro is the industry standard for high output, comprehensive spectrum, and unprecedented coverage. It has 190 watts (max) with 46 LEDs and two clusters. The pro models each have eight color channels, and the XR30w has six. The pro models also feature new 430 nm violet and warm white LEDs. The XR30w and XR30w pro are 11.8” x 7” x 1.5”. The XR15w pro is 7” x 7” x 1.5”. Each model works with all existing Radion mounting accessories including the Single Arm RMS and Multi-Light RMS. EcoTech recommends hanging the lights eight inches above the surface of the water.

EcoSmart Live

These fixtures are also fully integrated with EcoSmart Live and will be recognized at once and can be added to an ESL account through a USB or with the ReefLink controller. The channel control has been updated to match the new clusters. EcoSmart Live is a cloud-based easy to use command center designed by EcoTech Marine, which works with Radion LED lights and VorTech propeller pumps, allowing users to control their lights from their computer. The ReefLink controller (available for additional purchase) allows users to control their lights from most wireless devices. You can still access EcoSmart without purchasing ReefLink by connecting the USB to a Mac or PC. You can select from many predefined lighting modes or create your own by controlling each color individually. You can also change your light’s intensity during the day and change lunar phases at night. Updates and new features are installed automatically. The Radion G4 is also compatible with the Neptune Apex WXM module. The new channels of warm white and violet are currently not supported on the Neptune WXM, though.


The Radion is now better than ever. It is a big improvement even from the third generation models. Because there is such a significant change from the G3 models, unfortunately there is not an option to upgrade earlier generations of the Radion like there was with previous generations. Ecotech Marine has refined their Radion LED fixture again, resulting in even better color, distribution, and cooling.


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