The Maxspect Ethereal is now available at CoralVue retail partners. The Ethereal is a modular full spectrum LED light fixture, which includes 5 programmable color channels. It uses optimized 100 degree lenses with reflective cups for maximum dispersion, penetration, and color blending. It utilizes Cree XLamp, XT-E, and XP-E LED chips. It provides 24” x 24” of light coverage using 130 watts of power.

The Ethereal has a stylish design, and is only 1/3” thick with an aluminum body. It also features a crossflow fan. It

black led fixture with mounting arm attached

Ethereal with mounting arm

comes with a tank-top mounting arm, so it will be ready to set up with no additional purchase. Multiple units can be linked together to work as one. You can run up to 200 Ethereal fixtures together.


The Ethereal can be programmed from a PC or mobile device. It can be controlled wirelessly when used with the ICV6 Integrated Controller, which is available for additional purchase. The Maxspect ICV6 app allows you to control the lights individually with Color Spectrum or to schedule effects with Photo Period. To begin programming wirelessly on an Android or iOS device, first download the free Maxspect ICV6 app from Google Play or Apple App store. Be sure to download the regular version, not the beta. After downloading, do not immediately open the app. Instead, go back to your device’s home page. Go to Settings, then Wi-Fi and connect to the network that begins with “Maxspect”. No password is needed. If the Maxspect network does not show up, reset the ICV6 by holding the power button until the flashing red light becomes solid. After connecting to the network, open the app and click the “+” icon, then click “Add”, and then “New device”. Then select your home Wi-Fi network. This will allow you to connect through your home network instead of always having to change your settings to run through the Maxspect network. You will have to enter your Wi-Fi password to complete this step. Next, click “Add ethereal devices”. The app will then display all of the Ethereal devices available to the ICV6. Click the check mark to the left of the device to select or unselect it. Once you are sure all desired devices are selected, click “Next”. Then, name each fixture and click “Next” again. Then, click “Let us begin”. Your fixtures will now be listed on the home page of the app. The next thing you will want to do is to create a group of your lights so that they can be controlled together. Lights need to be in a group to be controlled with Photo Period, even if you only have one. To begin, click on any of the lights in your list. Then, click “Devices” at the bottom of the screen. Then, click the fork icon in the upper right hand corner. Then, name the group. Click the check mark to the right of each of the lights you want added to the group. Then, click “Ok” in Android or “Confirm” in iOS.

Color Spectrum

To begin controlling your Ethereal fixtures with Color Spectrum, click “Color spectrum” and then “Control”. You can change the intensity of each channel by dragging the dot or tapping the number and typing in your desired intensity. Click “Back” once you have the channels set to your preference.

Photo Period

In Photo Period, you can choose from four preset schedules or create your own. Start by clicking “Photo period” and then “Control”. Next, click on the 3 bars icon in the upper right hand corner in Android or the arrow on the bottom in iOS. The top four icons now shown are available slots for you to create schedules and the bottom four are preset schedules in Android, and vice versa in iOS. Click on the schedule you want and then click the check mark at the bottom. You can change preset schedules by clicking a time slot and then changing intensities. To add additional intensity changes, click the “+” to the right of the time slots. To delete a time slot, hold the number until a prompt pops up and click “Okay”. To save changes, click the 3 bars icon, click a white icon, and then click “Save”. The icon should now have a checkmark instead of a “+”.


You can also change the color of the LED fan. To do so in iOS, select Photo Period or Color Spectrum, and the click “Control” on the bottom. Then, click the 3 bars icon in the upper right hand corner, and then click “RGB mood light”.black led fixture with 8 channels Select the color you want by dragging the dot. Finish by clicking the back arrow. To adjust the light in Android, click the icon second from the right on the top of the screen. Again, select a color by dragging the dot and finish by clicking the back arrow.


The Maxspect Ethereal fixture offers superior lighting to enhance coral growth and color. The multitude of options with its programming also makes the Ethereal a great choice.


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