The MAX-E Series by Red Sea is a new series of fully featured tanks. The entire system is designed by Red Sea, and top view of 260 liter tank with fish and coralsfeatures reef-spec configuration they developed. This configuration defines optimal conditions for a variety of reef species in aquariums, including SPS hard corals. This allows users to keep a wide variety of coral species.

Product Details

The MAX-E Series tanks are available in 170 liters (45 gallons) or 260 liters (69 gallons). Both tanks have a modern rimless design with smart beveled edges top and bottom. The front and side panels feature ultra-clear glass, allowing for optimal viewing.

These tanks come with an advanced Hydra 26 HD LED lighting system, which can easily be set to reef spec requirements. Research Red Sea has done over the past few years has determined the optimal lighting spectrum and intensity for corals. The lighting unit has a full spectrum, 7 color LED configuration. This system has built-in Wi-Fi control, with controller accessible through smart phones, tablets, and Wi-Fi-enabled computers. Users can use controls to set an on/off or sunrise/sunset timer and adjust power to color channels. The lighting unit is firmly bolted to the back of the aquarium, and can easily be rotated to allow access to the rear sump or tank. The 170 liter tank comes with 1 light, and the 260 liter comes with 2 lights. Each light uses 90 Watts of power, making them much more efficient than traditional fluorescent lights.

The MAX-E Series tanks come with a marine-spec laminate cabinet attached to the bottom. These cabinets feature weather-proof apoxy painted doors, push openers, and soft-close stainless steel hinges. They have a black interior,

front view of 170 liter tank with white cabinet on bottom

170 liter tank

and an option of black or white exterior. The MAX-E Series tanks feature a one plug integrated power center, which includes 7 channels to provide power to all included equipment. There are also 2 extra channels for optional equipment. The cabinet is ventilated to provide convection cooling for a chiller. There is also a connection bracket for chiller piping. An accessory kit is included to allow for optional features, such as a chiller.

What is makes the Red Sea Max-E Tick?

The MAX-E Series tanks include a modular sump system, which discretely contains equipment for reef spec filtration and circulation. A screen hides this rear sump for better aesthetics, which can be flipped down or removed for maintenance. A surface skimmer sends water to the rear sump. This skimmer has removable parts to allow for easy cleaning. The sump features a multi-stage filtration system consisting of a protein skimmer, activated carbon, and mechanical filter materials. The sump features an MSK 900 protein skimmer, which offers filtration that meets Red Sea’s reef-spec criteria for SPS corals. This filtration system passes the entire volume of water through at least 3 times per hour with a 3 to 1 water to air ratio. The skimmer has an adjustable outlet gate so users can maintain optimal skim rate consistency for the water condition. It is not affected by regular fluctuations in water levels, though. An included silencer on the air makes this skimmer quieter than before. The filter also has a convenient media rack for Red Sea’s new highly absorbent phosphate-free carbon, which is included. The rack also has extra shelves for additional chemical filtration media.

Twin European eco pumps in the 260 liter tank’s sump provide circulation of 4300 liters (1100 gallons) water flow per hour. This allows the entire tank to be circulated 16 times per hour. The 170 liter tank has a pump that provides

front view of 260 liter tank with white 2-door cabinet below

260 liter tank

2150 liters (568 gallons) water flow per hour. Water returns to the tank through discreet multi-directional eye ball nozzles. These nozzles are adjustable so users can ensure there is no dead space in the tank, which is essential for preventing harmful detritus building up on corals. The rear sump also includes an overflow system that easily connects to the integrated multiport bulkhead without any need for cutting, gluing, or emptying the tank.

Red Sea also offers optional upgrades for these tanks. A sump conversion kit including a customized glass sump with dedicated constant height skimmer chamber, flow-regulated overflow system, and an integrated automatic top-off is available. This would allow for equipment such as a calcium reactor to be added. This upgrade consists of piping and the sump. The piping is comprised of a silent flow-regulated down pipe, an overflow pipe, and a return pipe that ends with an eye ball outlet. This piping attaches to Red Sea’s multi-port bulkhead. The sump includes micron filter bags, a constant height skimmer chamber, a bubble trap, and an integrated automatic top-off with a reverse osmosis reservoir. Buyers have the option to purchase piping alone or piping and sump together.


Red Sea’s MAX-E Series tanks save users time and hassle trying to find compatible features. Their all-inclusiveness and ability to be upgraded make these tanks the perfect option for most aquarium hobbyists. Users are sure to be impressed with the easy use and options these tanks offer.