Saddam Husein’s yacht is now being used for  the good of our Oceans


We all remember Saddam Husein, the terrorist, and what damage was done because of his actions. He is gone, but now one of his possessions is being used for good. Saddam had a yacht that was certainly built for luxury. It had gilt furniture, staterooms, and a secret escape hatch all the makings of a beautiful ship.

After his death, this ship went through many hands and a few legal battles, was passed between monarchs, but now rests in the hands of the marine researchers in Iraq. This is sure to be an asset for the Iraqi researcher teams.

This ship was originally built for the president’s use at the time. It was built in 1980 and spans 270 feet in length or 82 meters. It has 4 decks, beautiful furniture of various styles. The size of this yacht makes the 2 other ships in their fleet look like toys.

This ship cost 25 million dollars when it was originally commissioned, the captain said during a tour of the yacht. Now the cost of the ship would be 4 times the original amount. It is definitely not what these researchers were used to being on board.

The luxurious dining, sitting, and sleeping areas of the ship have been modified to accommodate the researchers and scientists. Most of the original decor is still intact though some changes were made. Some of the decoration includes: the time period’s smoked glass, the fat back Panasonic TV’s, and a rococo china cabinet.

It was given the nickname of “Liberace Babylon,” by The Wall Street Journal. It has recently been renamed the Basrah Breeze and it  explores the Persian Gulf’s changing biology and chemistry for the University of Basrah’s Marine Science Center. A great way to repurpose a ship that was once a terror to many. It now will save marine life through the researchers and scientists that will study the oceans from inside.

It may be unexpected, but I believe it was a great way to change the history of this ship into something good, and that more good will come of this event.