deco-tank-25The SR Aquaristik Deco-Tank 25 is an accent aquarium featuring a two-sided design, allowing unobstructed views from both sides. It includes adjustable lighting and an integrated filtration system.

Product Details

The SR Aquaristik Deco-Tank 25 is a glass tank that comes in black and white.  It is frameless and features polished glass edges. The corners are sealed with precision black silicone, which creates a leak-free seal and gives the tank a framed look. It comes with an easily removable, completely clear plastic splash shield, which prevents fish from jumping out and evaporation from occurring too quickly.  The splash shield can be replaced if necessary. The tank allows for the subtle placement of a submersible heater. A heater is not included, but a 25 or 50 watt heater is recommended. It includes an easily removable back plate, which hides electrical cords and keeps everything looking neat. The tank is 25 liters (6.6 gallons), and its dimensions are 17” length x 10” width x 9” height (43cm x 25.4cm x 22.8cm).

The SR Aquaristik Deco-Tank 25 has a customizable lighting canopy featuring day and moon light settings. The tank comes with 51 dimmable LED lights, including 45 6500K to 10,000K white and 6 blue/actinic that can be customized easily to best accommodate your tank’s inhabitants. You can choose to use either white or blue, or use a combination of both types. White lights are best for plants, and blue lights are best for soft corals. The lights are 5 watts. The white daylight LEDs have 4 touch brightness settings. The blue/actinic LEDs have 2 touch brightness settings. The brightness control buttons are on the lighting canopy. The tank’s lighting canopy is hinged, allowing it to easily and quickly be moved to perform maintenance on the tank or to add new plants, animals, or decorations. The lights can be used with a timer.

The built in filtration system provides efficient mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration. It also provides ideal water circulation and constant flow. The filter draws water from the bottom of the aquarium and cycles it back to the top. The filter has a flow rate of 200 liters per hour (52 gallons per hour). It comes with a carbon and bio foam cartridge. The carbon cartridge removes discoloration and foul odors. The bio foam cartridge mechanically captures debris and acts as a biological filtering media. The filter also comes with a spray bar and an integrated venture valve for providing additional oxygen if necessary. High oxygen levels are required when keeping goldfish or large amounts of any fish species. The filtration system is discreet, so it does not distract from your tank display. The system is easy to clean and maintain.


The SR Aquaristik Deco Tank 25 has an interesting modern style and is great for placing on counter tops or desks, and is perfect for both home and business use. The integrated filtration system and adjustable hinged lighting canopy make it very user friendly.