Staying at this Underwater Hotel can help save the Coral Reefs

By Claude Dargan

Concept art of Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel

Concept art of Planet Ocean’s Underwater Hotel

As the sea levels continue to rise so do the number of luxury buildings located underwater. There are lodges that you have to dive yourself to actually get to, sea floating inns perfect for honeymoons, resorts that can have it guests dance and eat with an immersive ocean as a backdrop, and even little Ecovillages to support communities in a submerged environment are now being proposed. Another underwater hotel can now be added to this growing roster, this time being located in the Florida Keys.

Concept art of Planet Ocean's Underwater Hotel room

Concept art of Planet Ocean’s Underwater Hotel room

Like others of its caliber, the Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel has a very futuristic aesthetic to fit its theme of intense technological progression. There has not been any information on when this hotel will actually be available to the general public, but it has been in the planning phase for over 2 years now. Taking the time to plan this seems much needed however, as the Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel is designed to be at least a tremendous 28 feet below sea level. The rooms are just as substantial as the 12 planned rooms in the hotel will all be manufactured with a sturdy double welded steel and acrylic glass to be able to see the Florida Key’s creatures and reefs without fear of the panes breaking. The rooms would be of a more connected pod design in which each bedroom. By using such a style, it should help create more of a space station atmosphere the company is attempting to achieve. The pod model isn’t just to look distinctive however. The architecture is also modular which means that the pods can be transportable, which can prove to be a vital attribute in case of needing to move for any emergencies or evacuations from weather and such. This also means that this extraordinary hotel can also be classified as a vessel due to its portability.

Guests will not have to dive down to get to the Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel like some of its luxury competitors. In order to get access to the actual hotel, a quick elevator ride will be available. Once down in the ocean depths, there will be an air-conditioned lounge and a main corridor that will connect all the rooms together. Each bedroom will provide the guest with a bathroom, refrigerator, entertainment system, internet, and a king size bed. Every room will have the clear acrylic windows mentioned earlier, that will allow the guest to see a panoramic view of the Key West’s aquatic scenery.

Saving Coral Reefs

FWC Fish & Wildlife Restoration Divers supporting coral

FWC Fish & Wildlife Restoration Divers supporting coral

What really makes this hotel really intriguing and helps separate it from the rest is where some of the profits it’ll make will be going to; the coral reefs in the Florida Keys. According to it’s website, which has very informative PowerPoint on the purpose of reefs and the effects of what losing some vital can have on the ecosystem, the hotel will be spending some of its $3,000-$6,000 a night per person on contributing restoration efforts the reefs in the local area. The hotel will be united with the Global Coral Reef Alliance in helping fund and promote awareness for the coral restoration.

Planet Ocean’s mission statement even makes the real purpose of this luxury hotel clear to anyone interested in staying:

“Our goal is for Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel to help fund and implement a worldwide proven coral reef restoration and aquaculture solutions/technologies; thus help to save Planet Earth/Ocean from the on-going daily destruction of Planet Ocean.”

FWC Fish & Wildlife Restoration diver transporting coral

FWC Fish & Wildlife Restoration diver transporting coral

Even though there is still considerable time before this underwater hotel opens, the managing director of this hotel, Tony Webb, has said in an interview with Gizmag “Over 200 enquiries about future reservations have been made”. This means prospects are looking pretty good and that the hotel should not have any trouble finding guests to stay for quite a while.

Learn More

If you were interested in staying yourself, a contest is currently being held in which over 50 people will be able to win a free overnight stay for two people.

For more information or if you have any questions or inquiries the website of the hotel is located here and the company’s email contact is


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