Blue Milli that came to us from a frag grown in Wisconsin in 2010

The History of ReefNation’s Blue Millepora Coral

by Brian Dunat

Back in April 2010, we were scouring the internet for rare and unusual corals that we could grow out and offer sustainable frags from when we stumbled across someone selling an unusual  Blue Millepora in Wisconsin.  Having not seen any specimens like this near us, we were quick to jump on the opportunity to acquire this coral.  We contacted the seller and arranged a picked up of the coral the same night.  After this coral got acclimated to our tanks, we noticed that it developed an intense blue throughout and when kept under the most intense lighting, even shows tips of green and pink.

Optimal Conditions for the ReefNation Blue Millepora

As this coral has grown in ReefNation’s systems we have noticed its growth habit has remained branching however, we do notice some tabling when new frags are allowed to grow out into new colonies.  This coral prefers intense lighting and moderate to heavy water flow, steady alkalinity, with the regular addition of Potassium.  In optimum conditions, the coralites on this coral become a vibrant blue-green that quickly draws the attention of anyone looking in your reef tank!

Where Can You Get Your Hands on a Piece For Yourself?

The ReefNation Blue Millepora has been part of our coral family since April of 2010 and we have been able to get it out on the market pretty regularly through many of the reef stores around chicagoland including our premier dealer Sea Escapes in South Elgin, IL.  Since that time, we’ve aqua cultured nearly 75 frags of this coral with some of them reaching a size larger than the coral we purchased in just a few months.  This coral still remains in our show tank today and will hopefully occupy the show tank of many a reef keeper for years to come.

Do you have a favorite coral that you havn’t seen in anyone else’s tank?  What are you doing with it that makes it thrive?

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