Neptune Apex WAV

The WAV is a new aquarium powerhead soon to be released by Neptune Systems. Unlike most powerheads, the WAV is both powerful and quiet. Another unique quality is that it is adjustable but compact.

Product Details

The WAV can produce a flow of 3200 gallons per hour or higher. Most pumps either produce flow in only one direction or are very bulky and end up blocking a significant amount of the view of the tank. It can pivot 20 degrees to adjust the direction the water flows in. It is also compact, so you can control direction of the water flow without giving up visibility of your tank. You can also control the strength of the flow, and schedule different strengths for different times of the day. There are 8 pre-set flow programs: constant, mavericks, lagoon, pulse, huntington, rincon, trestles, and doheny.  You can also schedule different modes for different times of day. There are multiple operational modes it can be set to including random flow, mirror, inverse, and more. You can install 2 WAVs and set them to mirror or inverse each other’s flow. It is easy to install and clean. It works especially well for rear wall use.

The magnetic mount on the WAV works on glass or acrylic up to 0.75” (19 mm) thick. The WAV uses 1 wire for its power. Wireless options are more expensive and require more set-up steps. The single wire is 4.5 mm in diameter, which is smaller than other manufacturers. It goes up and out of the water in the back of the tank. The set-up system is called 1link because it has 1 power supply, 1 module for up to 3 devices, and 1 click connection for both power for the device and 2-way connection between the WAV and the Apex Fusion. The 1link module connects to the Apex system’s AquaBus.

The WAV connects to your Apex Fusion, allowing you to observe the details of its operation. Some of the details you can track include the mode, rotations per minute completed by the pump, temperature range, and current status of the pump. It also calculates how much water is being pumped, which is not an available feature on similar products. The Apex Fusion also takes corrective action if necessary. It will automatically stop the pump if it detects that it is malfunctioning, and it can alert you by text message or email. This will prevent serious damage from occurring. It can detect obstructions in the pump, and knows when the WAV needs to be cleaned. The Apex Fusion is cloud-based and works on Windows, OSX, IOS, and Android computers, tablets, and smart phones.


Aquarium hobbyists will no longer have to decide if they want a pump that is strong or quiet, or adjustable or compact because the WAV has all those features. The WAV has not been released yet, but will cost less than $300 for 1 WAV and 1 module and less than $550 for 2 WAVs and 1 module.