There has been a lot of people posting pictures on instagram, tumblr, twitter, and facebook about the cutest animals ever. Most of the animals chosen were pretty cute but I think I’ve got a list that will blow them out of the water, literally. The cutest animals don’t always have fur. These 10 goofy, smiling creatures will bring joy to your day! Plus a fun fact or two because learning is always fun.

Piglet Squid

The piglet squid is no longer than 10 cm and lives around 320 feet below the ocean surface. It is believed to swim upside-down and those cute curls on its head is actually it’s tentacles. Not that all that interesting and it’s not a lot of information but these guys are more elusive than Sasquatch!


Cowfish have two horns on their head and one beneath their tails. It is believed to keep predators from swallowing them easily. Plus, when a cowfish becomes stressed, it can release a poisonous toxin from its skin. Don’t push around the little guy!

Betta Fish

There are a lot cool things about bettas! First, they can live up to *9 years* in the best conditions of water quality and get regular exercise. But most will only live 2-3 years. Second, the exquisite fins of these fish have muscles, nerves, and taste buds, so they can taste their food and every thing else with their fins. Lastly, male betta fish make bubble nests to help protect their eggs by taking in air and spitting out a bubble at the surface of their habitat. Even more, males are the caretakers of the fries (baby bettas) after they hatch and stay with them until they can swim and eat on their own. #1 dad!


A female pufferfish will only lay between 3 -7 eggs at a time and the eggs are protected by a hard shell until they are ready to hatch. And don’t let this cute face fool you, just one of these fish have enough toxins in their little bodies to kill 30 men. The toxin is called tetrodotoxin and is 1200 times stronger than cyanide. But the toxins are good for them since pufferfish are not very good swimmers and they need it as a method of self defense from predators.


You already know cuttlefish have green blood, three hearts and the ability to change color and sometimes texture, what else could I tell you. How about they have crazy cool eyes? Cuttlefish have ‘W’ shaped pupils allowing them to see all around them at the same time and controlling the amount of light coming into their eyes. And although they are color blind, they can see polarized light that is not visible by humans. Plus they can change the shape of their eyes instead of their eye lens to focus on other objects. See, very cool.

Axolotl (“Ax-oh-lot-ul”)

These guys are possibly the cutest salamanders ever. And guess what, they have an awesome superpower. Regeneration! They are salamanders of course they can regenerate but axolotls do it better. They can regenerate every part of their body, including limbs and even the spinal cord, and it comes back perfect every time with absolutely no scarring whatsoever. Total badass.

Sea Otter

These adorable animals are the smallest marine mammals but the largest in the weasel family. They also have a million hairs per square inch that’s the size of a postage stamp!


Bottlenose dolphins have had a long history humans especially fishermen. The dolphins would corral fish right towards the boats or nets. Talk about a great friendship.


Belugas are very slow swimmers only moving about 3- 9 kph (1.9-5.6 mph), but belugas are better at being very maneuverable. They are also the only whales that are able to swim backwards.

Polar Bear

Lastly, polar bears are incredible bears trying to survive in a fast changing world. One of their adaptations is having webbed paws to help them swim. But the fact they can swim for over a week for over 60 miles is awesome!


You can’t get any cuter than these 10 beauties. From the small fish to large mammals, these adorable animals will brighten your day, every time. I hope you guys learned some new, interesting facts about these too cute animals. #cuteoff