This disease is considered zoological and can spread to humans. If you think your fish has the following disease, be sure to only treat if there are no open wounds, cuts, sores, etc. present on your body. Those with corrupted immune systems are also at risk!


This is a nasty disease that attacks the fish internally; similar to marine velvet. It is typically caused by the presence of dead fish lingering in the tank, or from open wounds on the fish that are left untreated. Like anything that attacks the body internally, it acts fast and it spreads throughout the rest of the body even faster. The only signs you will see of infection would be cloudy eyes, and sometimes red lines across the body of the fish (the lines can run in any direction). The disease can also cause the fish to breathe heavily, along with the loss of appetite.


Quarantine fish

  • Use any type of bacterial medication or antibiotic
    • Treating the fish quickly is the best chance the fish will have. Getting it into clean, medicated water will increase its chances of surviving tenfold.


Sign of vibriosis