2 Corals enter, 1 Coral Remains!

Being in this hobby for a couple years now, it seems that our passion for the reefkeeping can sometimes lead to well, just a little drama.  Let’s just say 2015 was no exception with more than a few controversial corals, topics, and “things”  going on in the online world of reefkeeping.  I think as long as we all remember that for the most part we all share the love for the oceans and the creatures that we keep in our captive reef ecosystems, topics that stir a little debate are normal and healthy.
Looking back at some of the corals that were the discussion of many a thread, the 2 that stood out the most to us had to be the “WD Tenuis”  and the “Leng Sy montipora”.  Whether you prefer blue light, have spires, or just are looking for a good ole fashioned heated conversation, these two corals had what you were looking for in 2015.  We happen to keep both of them in our systems and while both are beautiful coral specimens that most reef enthusiasts should feel comfortable keeping with normal SPS care, there can be only 1 winner!
Take a second to consider which one is your favorite and click on the buttons below to vote.  Who knows what we will see in 2016, but if history is a guide, I’m sure there will be something that becomes a hot topic of debate in the new year.

Happy and healthy holidays to you all from the ReefNation team!