Are you an under-the-sea enthusiast? Do you have vacations full of Marine Life, Clear Waters, and Coral Reefs on your Bucket List? Take your adventurous side to the next level with these Snorkeling Adventures. Keep reading to find the World’s most popular destinations for snorkeling.

1. Dean’s Blue Hole: Located in Long Island at the Bahamas, The Dean’s Blue Hole is considered to be the world’s deepest blue hole, which is created by the collapse of a cave system in the ocean. The hole, located on the island of the Bahamas, reaches to more than 600 feet deep, making it an interesting location for snorkelers. The hole is surrounded by Cliffs bases, making it easy for casual snorkeling. Tropical fish, turtles, and dolphins are just a few of the beautiful creatures found swimming around this area.

2.       Norman Reef: The most popular part of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, The Norman Reef hosts many wonders, such as giant clams and tropical fish. A common vacation for snorkelers, The Norman Reef gathers many snorkeling guides who give instructions to beginner snorkelers. Also, there are many shallow areas in the waters of the Norman Reef, making this a perk for beginners.


3.       Crystal River: A Floridian Paradise, these springs are the perfect place to spot the West Indian Manatee. The American Pro Diving Center offers Snorkel Manatee Tours and Guided Dives at this site. Fish and Plant Life in the Crystal River are also known to be vivid and abundant. You may find challenging springs and sinkholes here, making it a great place for the expert snorkeler.

4.       Seychelles Islands: The Seychelles Islands is made up of 100 islands found off the coast of Kenya, containing some of the world’s most known and beautiful snorkeling spots. Coral Reefs are diverse and common in this area, richly filled with marine life. You can even hire a guide to take you out on a boat to explore the islands. The Seychelles are actually situated within a marine park, making it a snorkeler’s paradise.

5.       Rockhouse: Situated on the rocky shores of Negril, Jamaica, The Rockhouse Resort is just in reach to the base of the cliffs. Here you can find species that would typically only be found on offshore reefs. Take note of the interesting Grottos, or underwater caves that can be found at Rockhouse. These caves host schools of silver fish and snake eels.

6.       Safaga, Egypt: Found in a popular snorkeler spot, the Red Sea, Safaga is known to have some of the best snorkeling and is typically not as crowded as other spots. Guides take snorkelers out on glass-bottomed boats in Safaga so they can view all of the amazing marine life and dive into the perfect spot.

7.       Pigeon Cay: A long split of sand surrounded by calm waters and beachy palms in Honduras, Pigeon Cay is the Marine Lovers dream. Oak Ridge, a Honduran Fishing Village, is also a nearby escapade. With the Reef starting 15-20 feet from the beach, Pigeon Cay is home to the ideal conditions for Coral growth, making the Coral very healthy and vibrant. Tropical Fish is another beautiful wonder found here.

8.       Bonaire: An island of the Caribbean, Bonaire is home to healthy coral, colorful fish, and perfect snorkeling opportunities. Turtles, Rays, and Seahorses are just some of the common Marine Life that can be found here. Professional Snorkel Operators can show you the best snorkel spots on Bonaire.

9.       San Blas: An archipelago made up of 360 islands, San Blas is claimed by both Columbia and Panama. The water here is known to be one of the clearest, offering great snorkeling adventures. People do not pollute the waters near San Blas, making the coral reefs at the islands untouched and natural. Some interesting Marine Life that can be found at San Blas includes the Shark, the Wild Turtle, and the Octopus.

10.   Huahine: A particularly nice French Polynesian Island, Huahine offers coral reefs and lagoons that are perfect for exploration. Huahine is also known to be less overrun by tourists than other islands. Be on the lookout for diverse and interesting Marine Life while snorkeling at Huahine.


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