courtesy of MASNA

courtesy of MASNA


by Justin Hester

MACNA 2014 was probably the biggest and baddest MACNA yet featuring tons of new and innovative products, reef hobbyists from all over the world, and a killer lineup of guest speakers throughout the labor day weekend.  This year, we are lucky to have all the speakers recorded and available online for those who couldn’t make it to Denver.  BRS and MASNA enabled this and I for one think this is series of videos that ALL reef aquarists need to see.  For the new aquarist, there is information that can demonstrate the basics of reefkeeping as well as the history of how we all came to house these complex coral ecosystems in our homes.  If you are more the seasoned aquarist, surely you will glean many tidbits from these talks as well.

Over the last few weeks since the conference, we have seen these speaker video’s trickle in over youtube and we thought that it would be nice to have them all listed in one place.  As more are uploaded, we will add to the list.

Zooxanthellae, Corals and Symbiosis by Todd LaJeunesse

Sustainable Wild Collection of Australian Fish and Corals by Julian Baggio

Rants and Raves from a 37 year old LFS by Jim Walters

Following the Sun by Walt Smith

Aquarium History, Oh How Far We’ve Come! by Mike Paletta

Wonders of the Deep by Rufus Kimura

For the Love of Wrasses by Tea Yi Kai

Intentionally spawning stony corals in the aquarium by Jamie Craggs

Refugium Debate: Julian Sprung For, Jake Adams Against

A family-run fish collecting business in Mauritius by Meneeka Gurroby

The Foundation of Marine Aquaristics by Martin Moe

Getting critical about water chemistry with the Triton Method By Ehsan Daskti

Growth for a captive reef kept at Monaco’s Oceanographic Museum by Jean Jaubert