CMAS Sea Escapes Coral Event

by Justin Hester

This Sunday CMAS will be putting on an event at Sea Escapes right here in IL.  There will be some awesome deals on fish, inverts and some of ReefNation’s finest corals.  In addition, there will be food, event only discounts, and some raffles for an insane amount of items that have been donated!  We will be putting a couple unique and sustainably raised corals into the kitty by game time as well.  This event is only open to CMAS members so if you are in the area and are not a member, sign up and get your tail down there for the event.  The link for signup is here.
Here is the list of  raffle items so far:
-60 gallon Rimless aquarium
-Marineland Reef Capable LED light
-ReefNation T-Shirts
 -Case of Reef Crystals Salt
-Emperor 400
-Marineland Canister Filter
-Ecotech Vortech MP10
-Coral Glue
-Zero Edge Refugium
-Hikari and Aquarium Pharm items

Sea Escapes Reefnation Partner

Event Details

July 14th CMAS Members Event at Sea Escapes
CMAS Member Only Event July 14th, 2013 at Sea Escapes in South Elgin.

This event will start at 4:30 PM and end at 7:30 PM
Food, beverages, raffle items and discounts will be provided!

The Address is:
1950 Silver Glen Rd
South Elgin, IL 60177

About Cmas

Established in January 1993, the Chicagoland Marine Aquarium Society (CMAS) is a nonprofit organization of marine hobbyists brought together by the desire to promote a better understanding of the life we keep in our marine aquariums. Our focus is to increase the longevity of marine life in a controlled environment and to encourage that life to propagate freely. Only through education and the sharing of ideas can we expect a future for our hobby. Anyone interested in advancing these goals is invited to join.

Sea Escapes

Sea Escapes is a family-owned business specializing in helping people with all of their aquatic needs.  Whether it’s freshwater/saltwater aquariums, or ponds, we have something for everyone.  Sea Escapes depends on our excellent staff to provide our customers friendly, knowledgable, professional service.



Justin Hester ReefNationJustin Hester has kept and maintained marine aquariums for over 20 years.  His love for everything coral led him to start ReefNation in 2010 which aims to inform others about the world’s oceans as well as provide sustainably grown corals to the reef aquarium industry. ReefNation currently grows over 150 unique corals in their 3 aquaculture facilities.