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Coral Restoration Foundation Hosts Gala

This weekend Coral Restoration Foundation (CRF)  will be hosting a gala at Florida Keys Conference Center at the Islander Resort in Islamorada, Florida.  There will be food, drink, and a live and silent auction for some really cool art from the artist Wyland who will be the 2013 honorary chairperson. This year, CRF will be honoring president and founder and fellow reef aquarist, Ken Nedimyer, who was named a 2012 CNN Hero for his pioneering work in saving and restoring coral reefs.

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Coral RestorationFoundation Mission

Ken Nedimyer has founded an organization with simple and achievable goals that we can see the results of today only a few years after they have been doing their work in south Florida.  In short, CRF’s mission contains 3 parts. First is to educate people and increase their awareness of coral reefs as important, period.  Second, they aim to create action in the form of growing endangered corals and replacing them on reefs that are healing after decades of beat down from a host of human and natural influences.  Finally, they are focused on results.  Their network has expanded in local years to include volunteers, divers, and even corporate sponsors as their work has attracted a national and global audience.

Here at ReefNation in the landlocked Midwest  we have to do our piece to if nothing else assist those that are on the front lines of coral reef education, awareness, and care taking like CRF is.

fish tank 6-17 081   Their goals are huge, repairing reefs on a regional scale yet we see them using some of the same techniques that we employ every day in our Midwest sustainable coral farming.  It is exciting and inspirational to see CRF essentially frag farming native corals and using them to repopulate wild reefs to their former splendor.

CRF Gala Details

If you happen to live in or traveling to south Florida this weekend, it should be a great event that also gives you a great chance to give back.  Your support will help CRF achieve their goal of out-planting 10,000 new corals this year. Individual Ticket $150. Reservations required. For more information on reserving a seat, please call or email Kayla Ripple at 305.453.7030 or