Fijian Reef Video To Get You Through a Monday

I had this come across my desk today and thought I would share.  As the temperature here in the midwest is not getting much above freezing today, its nice to take a look at some great shots taken in Fiji and Tonga by the folks over at bubblevision.   This video shows some spectacular shots of fish, corals, and loads of other marine life that was shot back in 2008.  Fiji and Tonga have some of the worlds most diverse reefs that showcase spectacular shapes and colors of both soft and stony corals.  This video compilation was shot while the divers were on a multi-day live aboard boat in Fiji.  The author actually posted a second by second fish species list for the video here.  I only wish they had the same for the corals!

acropora Loripes


Reef  Video Highlights

One of the corals that seems pretty unmistakable is the acropora Loripes that pops up quick at 1:46. This is a coral that we reproduce and distribute here at ReefNation even though it is a pretty slow growing species.  At 3:16 is one of the largest Diploastrea heliopora  corals I have ever seen.  It must be at least 500 years old.  It is good to see these reefs in what appears to be great health too.  Hopefully 4 years later they are still showing the diversity we can see from this video.  I hope that gave some of you something nicer to look at than you see outside your windows!  Hope you are having a great Monday!

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