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Fish Tank Kings: Youth Center Kids Episode

So I wasn’t sure what side of reef keeping would be shown on the latest reality TV take on the aquarium world, but NatGeo’s  Fish Tank Kings seems to be doing a decent job of entertaining as well as educating.   This is Nat Geo‘s first foray into the reality side of the aquarium world which is the counter to Animal Planet’s Tanked.  I have to admit that when a second show in this genre was released I did cringe a little, wondering if this would take the perception of the aquarium world forward or back.  So far though I have liked the varied approach they have taken which balances the “quirky employees”  portion with a little science, as well as some truly larger than life tank installations.

Visiting ORA to Do A Little Window Shopping

In the latest episode titled “Youth Center”, most of the show focused around reef tanks which definitely put a big smile on the ReefNation team!  There was also a tour to the coveted ORA Aquafarms which was a treat, especially since ORA has been pretty tight lipped to the public in the past.  I have to say that the mother colony of Red Planet Tabling Acropora they showed was quite a piece.  We have one in our aquaculture facility that is about 10″ across which was dwarfed by the 2 foot plus one that was shown on this episode.  Most importantly, the showcasing of ORA lends a nice spotlight on the great strides that have been made in sustainably raising corals rather than ripping them out of the oceans.

A picture of the ReefNation Red Planet from a few years ago.

Giving Back to The Kids

It was good to see that some celebs are reef keepers.  This episode featured Alonzo Mourning showing off his reef tank in his living room.  I was hoping they would ask him if he does all the upkeep on it or not!  Kudos to the team at FTK  for giving back and showing the kids at the youth center a little about how a fish tank goes together.  It should be a reminder to all of us that educating our younger generation about these ecosystems is a valuable part of protecting them as well as inspiring the future generation of reef keepers!


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