Growing Coral Frags

We want to see the coral you grow best or the frags that you have grown into a full colony.

We’ll start this off with one of our favorite pieces, the Rainbow Delight (acropora Solitaryensis) coral.  This frag was about an inch long when we got it from the crew over at Vivid.  It has now supplied over 20 frags to other coral reefers, as well as turned into a mother colony that is about 5″x10″ in our main show tank.  The colors that this coral exhibits are truly amazing.  Just be careful to keep any algae like calaurpa from entwining itself through the coral as the turpins released from this algae will brown it out in less than a week.  Definitely place it where your long nose tangs can pick any nuisance algae out of the crevices.

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Happy Reefing!

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